You getting Chesty with Me?



Live Right is the second quadrant of the QSource. It is the HIM’s dedication to Purposefulness. Purpose is an Advantage sought.

SET 1:
Merkins , 10 IC
Derkins, 10 IC
Incline merkins, 10 IC


SET 2:
Wide grip merks, 10 IC
Diamond merks 10ic
Carolina Dry Docks 10ic

Live Right is focused on the HIM’s IMPACT on the lives of other people and how he helps them to Accelerate

Repeat set 1, 8 reps ic
Set 2×8

The HIM is also a man who finds that in his effort to Live Right by carrying the Survivors and IMPACTing the Sad Clowns he gets an unexpected benefit—he himself is kept Right.


TClap |

4×4 Fun

I haven’t been to Colosseum in a long time. I’ve been doing the ruck WOs on Tuesdays so it was good to shake up the routine. It was also great to see so many cars rolling in. I haven’t seen several guys in a while due to being under a ruck so it was great to be out in the gloom with them again.

Go time arrived and disclaimer was attempted. Mosey around loops in front of school with high knees, butt-kickers, karaokes both ways. Circle up for normal warm-ups: SSHs, windmills, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, and some Hillbilly Walkers.

Moseyed over to side lot. Today’s theme was simple, 4 exercises done 4 times. First off was Bear Crawl from top of parking line to curb, 4 Merkins, Crawl Bear back to top of parking line, 4 Donkey Kicks. Repeat 4 times.

Mosey over to lot behind school. 5-Worst Merkins (Wide, Normal, Diamond), 10-Big Boy Situps, 15-Plank Jacks, 20-Shoulder Taps then run to other side of lot. Repeat 4 times.

Mosey to loop in front of school. Starting at center of loop: 10-Burpees, 10-Mtn Climbers (4 ct), 10-Lunges (each leg), 10-Smurf Jacks, then run around loop to center spot of on other side. Repeat 4 times. Lots of good mumble-chatter during this segment, except for Tesh who almost lapped everyone.

Slow mosey over to front of middle school for some Wall Webbs. Start in People’s Chair, walk out on hands into Merkin, walk back up on hands into chair for overhead claps. Normal ratio of 1:4. I cut it short at 6:24 so we had time for some mary (and my legs were starting to burn). Back at cars to finish up with 10 tiny circles clockwise, 10 counter-clockwise, then 20 flutters. Time’s up. Hopefully the PAX got their money’s worth today.

Continued prayers for Stang’s family as they mourn the passing of his grandfather as well as all of the kids that Cornerstone is involved with in their treatment group.

Thanks to Jekyll for the opportunity!

TClap |

Spring workout at the Buffet of pain Golden Corral

Great morning and great weather!

8 strong came out to get stronger

Nice mosey for a half mile to warm up


Seal Jacks 15

Slow Merkins 10

Slow Squats 15

Peter Parker 15

Parker Peter 15

MKC 15

mosey for a big loop

15 Burpees

Partner up size does not matter

Each partner sprints 2 short laps 2 times while partner 1 does squats meet up and do 10 handslap merkins (Repeat 5 times each for a total of 100 hand slap merkins)

All Mosey for a big lap

15 Burpees

Partner up and do squats while the other partner sprints 2 laps. Meet up and do 10 hand slap big boy situps (Repeat 5 times each)

Mosey for a big lap

5 Burpees



TClap |

Breaking Patterns

What a great morning for a run. Low 50’s, no wind and 20 PAX for a post P200 Monday. Up in the rotation today was the newest member of the Flight Plan plans, “Loops of Choice.” They include a 2.5 mile loop that goes over the walking trail at the end of YMCA parking lot, out 6th Baxter, up Sutton and back to Starbucks. And a 1.5 mile loop that goes down market, comes up Sutton and back to Starbucks. Modify as necessary, find a running buddy, have some fellowship, attend COT, check the box.

Flight Plan is an AO that’s predictable. Because of safety, we stay on the north side of 77. We have 4 routes and run each one, once per month. Today’s route emphasizes, (maybe represents is a better word) those circles we find ourselves in. Don’t get me wrong, the workout is beneficial. And I love the sense of accomplishment of conquering the long climb up Sutton (twice) in the gloom. However, the round and round is indicative of what can become of us as men.

But F3 is there to break those patterns. In COT we were reminded of that by two very strong PAX. Pusher (along w/ Twister & Change Order) who has taken the monumental task of leading Q-source. The weekly study of how this group can shape lives, of not just ourselves, but our families and community. If you’re not involved, you’re missing out. If you’ve been going, you know what I’m talking about. The added support outside of fellowship of the gloom, is great.

The other PAX is Stang. What happens when something throws us off these loops we find so comfortable. Something devastating or tragic.  Or what if we struggle just to stay upright on the loops but don’t feel like we can tell anyone so we use other outlets to hide the burden?  Stang is going to lead the discussion on these topics Wednesday at The Tomahawk (Doby’s Bridge Elementary – Kettle Bell). The last 15 minutes of the workout will be a stretching session with discussion on these heavy topics. Things we need to be able to share and discuss if we are going to be the leaders we need to be.

It’s great to see these HIMs pushing us past the 1st F.


  • See Above
  • Cristina Latini Memorial 8K – Saturday March 30th – Clown Cars leaving Baxter Starbucks at 7:00 for Huntersville or Virtual run 6:30 at Alcatraz
  • Cake Boss 40 Day Challenge – On going

Prayers and Praises

  • Rebel’s daughter getting her first real job
  • The safe return of all the PAX who ran the P200

Welcome FNG – Seuss! (EH’d by Cake Boss)

See you in the gloom!



TClap |

Clear & Crisp P200 Tune Up

What a great morning to get out in The Fort for a little jog around Wally World. Attendance is strong lately with all of the P200 training and the handful of (almost) only running PAX. There’s a pace and a buddy for everyone when the crowd is this size for a running workout.

The Thang:

Wally World – A Flight Plan original wrapping around a shopping mecca and the back road for two of Fort Mills finest learning institutions. All kinds of opportunities to modify distance and incline. So if you were well rested, take that Dave Gibson Hill. If you had too much for St. Patty’s day, easy out and back to WW entrance. It was a glorious morning to be reminded how lucky we are to have our brotherhood and inhale that late winter frosty air.


Jekyll took the lead at COT. Reminding us to support our brother Olive and The Christina Latini Memorial 8K on March 30th. Sign ups right now are lower than last year. Let’s get the word out not just to the PAX but to everyone we know. Olive has taken the worst of situations and grown it into a lasting tribute. Something that he has made easy for us to be a part of. He’s done all the heavy lifting and we can claim a little bit of pride simply by doing something we already do, run a little bit. If you can’t make the actual run in Huntersville or the virtual one set up by Change Order at Alcatraz, then still donate. You will be smiling all day after you do (Christina Latini Memorial 8K) Thanks for the reminder Jekyll


Lift up Funhouse’s brother Scott . He’s going through major life changes today; new home for himself as he starts the painful process of a divorce. He will need the strength of Sky Q so be sure to add Scott to your prayers.

Help Hootie as he travels this week. He asks that we lift his M & kids in prayer as they work through the week while he’s gone. The life work balance is hard on everyone. Supporting each PAX with fellowship and prayer will get us through.



A COT this large can be tough for me. I don’t hear well (Funhouse & Pusher excepted) and can’t wear my hearing aids while running. The sweat makes them shut down. I miss a lot of the jokes and camaraderie that goes on. But the energy that comes from the circle is real. Just like the workout, it doesn’t matter if you’re wide awake or struggled just to make it back, there’s something in there for everyone. Take these jokes, causes, praises and prayers to heart. Think about them as you go through your day. Give them the extra prayer they need or the smile/laugh to yourself they bring to your soul.  And know there’s more waiting for you tomorrow when you need it all over again.








TClap |

11 at Alcatraz

Eleven men rose to meet the day at Alcatraz with temperatures slightly better than forecasted.  Most came in cars or trucks; Funhouse and Judge Judy ran in from Northern Tega Cay, and Cable Guy emerged from the woods.  The following is my recollection of the events of the morning; I apologize for any unintentional errors, which I will attribute to the lack of oxygen during these events, and the fact that neither Q prepared nor followed a written weinke.

Trucker issued a disclaimer of sorts and got straight to work with some warm-ups and a brief mosey. Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers, Windmills, Morrocan Nightclubs, perhaps more.

Mosey ended at the top of the hill where  a round of Merkins was initiated, but got cut short by an approaching car.

To the bottom of the hill for a Quadzilla – backward run up the hill, 10 Merkins at the top, Mosey down and do 15 LBC’s at the bottom.  A few rounds of this with a forward run up as a variant.

Mosey back to the playground (passing McGuyver, who was out on a solo run) and split into 3’s for 3 rounds of: Step-ups (15), Derkins (15), and Pull-ups (10), before handing of to Smuggler.

Mosey to the small field wall for some People’s Chair while taking turns in a 30 yard Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Bear Crawl, and Mosey.

Then on to an Ascending BTTW. Starting at horizontal, and working up one block at a time with a 10 count at each block until all PAX are vertical.

Mosey to the fence and back, before repeating one round of the People’s Chair.

On to the large field backstop for Elevens with 10 Squats at the bottom and 1 Bomb Jack at the top.  Repeat, reducing Squats by one and increasing Bomb Jacks by one on each trip until reaching 1 Squat and 10 Bomb Jacks.

A few rounds of 20 Dips and 10 Merkins on the backstop wall.

Back to the parking lot for 4 minutes of Mary, with some interesting yet painful ab and hip work. (PSA, Bolt is more flexible than most of the PAX).


Alcatraz will host a virtual run site for those unable to attend the 2nd Annual Christina Latini Memorial 8K in Huntersville on 3/30/19.  Register online for this race. If you can’t do it in Huntersville, register for the virtual race and run from Alcatraz.  Virtual Run will be held concurrent with the boot camp.

Sign up for the Yeti.

Post at the Paradise Workouts. We need men to help support this mission while some of the regulars are committed to youth basketball leagues.

Prayers for a family struggling with the loss of a parent, and those recovering from illness.

Thank you, as always, for the opportunity to lead.

Smuggler and Trucker

TClap |

3 Miles and a Cloud of Dust

Best way to fight off Old Man Winter isconstant movement with some pain thrown in.  Today’s edition borrowed from old skool #GoldenCorral.

After a roaming warm up showing the course we got started:

  • Start at GHMS- run down school road to bottom of hill (light pole).  10 merkins.  Up hill with 10 bombjacks at top.  Run to front door GHES- lunge walk to breezeway.  10 Carolina Dry Docks.  Run to wall with 6 muscle up and overs.  Run to GHMS Breezeway and bear crawl to entrance.  10 LBCs.  That’s 1 lap.  Rinse/repeat until 0600.

3 ish miles and approx. 40 of each exercise.  Good stuff.

Should be noted that we paired up naturally and due to that:fellowship, motivation, encouragement and good conversation flowed.  All while getting smoked.  MacGyver drug me along (without breaking a sweat).  he does have new gloves for the year so that’s nice.  Pusher and Gekko decided who’s got raising teenagers down the best.  (no clear winner here- both doing outstanding because they stay involved and engaged.  JWOW and ‘Bug mostly discussed how the Jersey Shore cast must have good dental hygiene routines.

Great take out from Gekko.  Qsource in full motion but good to note, you can pick it up at any time.  If you feel you have missed or its too far down the road, don’t listen to that voice. Its a big tent and all are welcome.

TClap |

The Colosseum

Mosey to get heart pumping, circle up for warm ups 10 of each of the following SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly walkers, Mtn. Climbers, Cherry pickers.
Mosey to side of school bear crawl halfway down breezeway get to benches 10 dips in cadence, 10 box jumps, 10 derkins
rinse and repeat x 2.
Mosey to basketball court four corners 10 merkins lunge walk to next corner 10 squats get all four corners.
Mosey to wall. Peoples chair while we work through the pax with each person bear crawling to the end. flip flop for balls to wall.
Mosey to light poles. split into 2 groups. group 1 run to light pole and back while group two does burpees. rotate through the following exercises. burpees, flutter kicks, bomb jacks, lbc’s, ssh’s.
Mosey back to COT do 16 American hammers.
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Prayers and praises

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