Choosing Not to Cheat – Ballroom Style

Honestly, YHC was stoked to Q the Ballroom this week. First, I had not visited the new site since moving from PKES. Second, I had not seen a lot of the Pax at this site and third the weather was perfect with a mild 60 degrees at launch.

I have struggled with moderate workouts for many years because I don’t view these men as “moderate”. If you define men who get up around 4:45 to post in any weather conditions and workout for 45 minutes while sharing fellowship and faith throughout as moderate, then so be it.

I recently spent some time in fellowship with other Pax and was reminded of the book by Andy Stanley, Choosing to Cheat. The gist of the book is that we are all cheaters. We cheat on our work by spending time with our wife. We cheat on our wife by spending time with our kids and so on. This book hits home for me. While work/life balance is unattainable and a #Oprahbomb, I find that I get the validation that I so desire from work and gravitate to working harder for more validation. I asked the Pax who posted to choose not to cheat for the next 45 minutes on their workout and to hold each other accountable in doing so.

The Thang

Mosey to football field


SSH x 30

Windmills x 15

IW x 15

CDD x 20

Plank Jacks x 20

Night Clubs x 25

Mosey to 50 yard line

Burpee Ladder Starfish

2 Burpees in middle

Sprint to corner

20 Mtn Climbers

4 Burpees in middle

Sprint to corner

10 merkins in cadence

6 Burpees in middle

Sprint to corner

20 Squats in cadence

8 Burpees

Sprint to corner

20 Bomb jacks

10 Burpees

Ladder back down

Partner up for Ab Ladder

5 Situps


5 Situps plus 10 flutters

Sprint…you get the idea

Finished with 5 sit-ups, 10 flutters, 15 Freddy, 20 LBC, 25 American Hammer

Random ladder of burpees and abs to finish…lots of complaining here



  • Prayers for Badger and Bullwinkles Dad
  • Lots of upcoming events…read your newsletter
  • Praise for Barney Fife and Boogie Down

Thanks to Short Sale for the opportunity. Love what you have done at the Ballroom!

Pusher out!

TClap |

Five PAX gathered at a rather chilly Ballroom for a substitute Q – YHC.


The Warm Up

25 SSH, 25 Seal Jack, 20 Plank Jack and 25 OH Claps

Mosey down to the athletic field parking lot for a modified starfish.  With feach excercise followed by a trip to the middle for burpees


Center – 3 Burpees

Leg #1 – 10 Merkins, 10 Diamond Merkins and 10 WAM

Leg#2 – 20 SSH, 20 Seal Jacks and 20 OH Claps

Leg #3 25 LSS, 2, 20 count Peoples Chair and 20 Peter Parkers

Leg #4 20 American Hammers, 20 Flutters and 20 four count LBC

We had enough time to do all three rounds and one additional after we threw in 50 calf raises


The thang – a revisit to last month’s theme of worry.  We can all worry, worry ourselves sick, but to what avail??  Let’s try to focus on the idea that worry never solved anything, it just makes us sick, cranky and irritable.  Let’s recall 6:34  Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself.  Sufficient for a day is its own evil.

TClap |


11 PAX gathered on a semi-chilly morning at the Ballroom to attempt to get a little bit better this morning.

The Warm Up:

Mosey to the Football field and circle up.

  • SSH x 20
  • Cherry Pickers x 15
  • MNC x 15
  • Windmills x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 15
  • In plank stretching to include a bit of the downward dog, and honeymooners
  • Lastly, arm stretches to preview what was about to come…..

The Thang:

The PAX lined up on the Football Field Goal line in order to all prepare for a little journey on the BLIMP.  The BLIMP consists of a B exercise followed by a 20 yard run, then a L exercise followed by a 20 yard run, etc… until we spell the word BLIMP.  The exercises were as follows:

  • Burpees x 5 (Goal line)
  • Lunges x 10 (20 yd line)
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 (40 yd line)
  • Merkins x 20 (40 yd line)
  • Plankjacks x 25 (20 yd line)
  • Squats x 30 (Goal line)

Several 10 counts later, Rinse and repeat going the other way.

Since the mumble chatter was a bit muffled, the decision was made to mosey the long way, (via Indian Run) around the front of the school to the opposite side parking lot, where after a brief setting in via a 10 count or two, the Dirty Mac Deuce. The Deuce morning consisted of 4 sets of 3 exercises with a lap around the parking lot following each set.  Those 4, in cadence 12 count sets consisted of the following:

  • Set 1 – CDD, Monkey Humpers and LBC’s. Take a lap
  • Set 2 – Wide Arm Merkins, Sumo Squats, Flutters. Take a lap
  • Set 3 – Shoulder Taps, Lunges, Hello Dollys. Take a lap
  • Set 4 – Punch Merkins, Squats, Dying Cockroach. Take a lap

Since there was still a bit of time left, Rinse and repeat Set’s 1 and 2 then mosey back to COT for a couple sets of Mary.

We were all reminded to be thankful during this time of year as it can be a joyous time for many but for some, it is a time of struggle, despair, worry and strife.  We are all to think about and pray for those that are struggling, help where we can and live the true spirit of Christmas.  We must always remember that the importance of the season is not in the material gifts we exchange but in the gifts that have been given to us through our blessings, our families, our faith and in remembering that Jesus gave us all the ultimate gift of everlasting life.

This will be my last Q for some time as I am going on the IR next week for knee surgery.  Hope to be back and better than ever in a short 6 or so weeks.

As always, it is a blessing and a privilege to be able to experience the journey with this group of men.

V/R, M*A*S*H

TClap |

Sweatin’ To The Oldies @ #Slowburn

26 HIM came out for a warmer-and-drier-than-the-day-before “moderate” beatdown.  Welcome and disclaimer given and then I turned it over to Clark Kent for a little VQ Warm Up that went a little something like this:

10x Goofball
10x Windmill
10x Cherry Picker
10x Low Slow Squat
10x Side Straddle Hop

10x Merkin

Polaroid took back over and we moseyed to the back of Lowe’s for 2 rounds of:

30x Dips
Bear Crawl to the line
Lunge back to the rail
30x Calf Raises
Mosey to the side of Lowe’s for 1 round of Deck of Pain
Hearts = SSH
Diamonds = Bomb Jacks
Spades = Merkins
Clubs = Carolina Dry Docks
Jokers = 10 Burpees – – – – Dangerfield pulled the Joker!Mosey to the front of Lowe’s for a quick ab workout:

10x Flutter
10x LBC

Mosey back to the Warm Up circle for some Sweatin’ To The Oldies with
“I Get Around” by The Beach Boys.

Start in a squat and every time “I get around” is said you go up and down.  It’s 2m8s of squattin’ and hopefully the guys were feeling the Slow Burn.

Most of the PAX gave AYG to the Chick Fil-A hill and a mosey back to COT.  Great job!
-Turkey Day Convergence 11/24 0600 @ The Ranch
-Christmas Party 12/1 1830 @ Regal Manor Clubhouse
-Paradise Turkey Giveaway Bring a FROZEN turkey to an AO on Saturday, November 18th. Why? To bless the Paradise Community with turkeys for Thanksgiving. This turkey giveaway will reduce the financial burden for underprivileged families in this neighborhood as they prepare for the holiday. We will also eat lunch with the community during this event to further build relationships with our brothers and sisters in Paradise. Read the pre-blast for details regarding this fruitful event. Contact Deacon with questions.

Pinup prayed us out.

It’s always an honor Q’ing.  Thanks, again, Barry Manilow.  Peace.

TClap |

4 Corners at the Ballroom

We had 22 PAX at the Ballroom for some 4 corners work.  We took a short mosey with some toy soldiers and high knees thrown in there and headed toward the back parking.  Before starting out we had a brief intro on the theme of the month Victory. YHC challenged the PAX to think of where you are seeking victory.  The place where we most need victory is in our relationship with Christ.  With that seed planted we started our COP with COP consisted of SSH, windmills, Moroccan knight clubs, Merkins and a few Yoga exercises.

Now on to the meat and potatoes.  Did I say we were doing 4 corners? Yeah, I thought so.  In each corner there was a list of 4 exercises.  Make a lap for each # return to the middle for 5 burpees or bomb-jacks.  The 4 rounds were as follows:

15 Reps. for each exercise:

  1. LBC’s, Flutters, Hello Dolly’s, and American Hammers
  2. Calf Raises, lunges, Sumo Squats, and regular Squats
  3. Peter Parkers, Mtn. Climbers, SSH, Parker Peters
  4. Shoulder Taps, John Travolta’s, CDD’s, and Merkins

Back to the center for some encouragement on victory.

20 Reps for each exercise:

  1. LBC’s, Flutters, Hello Dolly’s, and American Hammers
  2. Peter Parkers, Mtn. Climbers, SSH, Parker Peters

Mossy back to COT.  We ended up doing 10 additional for a “That’s what she said comment” although no one owned up to it.  The ballroom moderate ended up being not so moderate. Didn’t hear any complaints.  Thanks for the opportunity!


TClap |

Dealer’s Choice: Shovel Flag hand-off at The Ballroom

A beautiful early fall morning with a bright moon called some hearty soles to the “new” Ballroom. Q-drenaline was surging in my veins as the cars kept rolling in. YHC was proud to have my 2.1, Pigeon roll out of the fartsack to join us. As no FNGs were present, an abbreviated disclaimer was offered. Off we went.

Mosey to inbound carpool lines and circle up. COP: (all IC), SSH *20, Windmills * 15, Merkins * 10, Pater Parkers * 10, Plank-o-Rama (As hard as I try, YHC still can’t get execute the hand/foot in the air combo), Squats * 20, MNC*25. Now that we’re warmed up, mosey to the gym wall. Before we got to the wall sits, YHC offered a few words on Leadership: F3 is an incredible opportunity to hone your leadership skills. As I am also a scout leader, F3 has sharpened my abilities and made me much more comfortable taking on the mantle of leadership.

Wall-sits while Pax on each end run out of line, do 5 squats, return and next man goes. Repeat, but this time each Pax does 5 Bombjacks. Nice form by Twister and Anchorman had a nice vertical. Now that the hammys are sufficiently smoked, mosey to the staff parking lot, under the bright lights for:

Deck O Pain: Each Pax draws a card and the group does the number of exercises on the card. Exercises were based upon the suit shown on each card as follows: Hearts = merkins, Clubs = squats, Diamonds = LBCs, Spades = Bombjacks. Each time a 10 is drawn, everyone run a lap around the lot. This is an easy “set it and forget it” piece and gets everyone engaged in the workout. Newer Pax get a chance to practice calling out the cadence and can gain some confidence in their leadership skills. Some quality mumblechatter followed along with an inordinate amount of merkins. We made it to about card 42 when YHC called an Omaha and had us run one more lap. After that, mosey back to COT.

Before the announcements, YHC offered a quote that I really enjoyed on Leadership:

Men make history, and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better. – Harry S. Truman

 That really hit home- having the courage to lead and building my skills are areas that I often fall short on. But sharpening iron alongside my brothers will help me to progress in these areas.

Announcements: upcoming Invergence and Convergence, G-fit workout on Fridays, read your newsletter. Prayer and a praise for our scout leaders of Pack 250, other prayers for Houston, F3 Columbia team and injured Pax. Cake Boss took us out with an awesome, prayerful giving of thanks for the leadership shown by fellow Pax and asking that we each become the leader that our Father meant us to be.

Before we got to Prayers, the Shovel Flag for the Ballroom was officially passed off to YHC as the new Site Q. I was honored when Cake Boss asked me to take over for him. Big shoes to fill there, but this is always a solid group of supportive Pax, so just know that I’ll be reaching out to each of you to get on the schedule. Thanks also go out to Change Order for leading this AO for many years. One reason I was glad when Cake Boss approached me about taking over as site Q was that I had thought about it when Change Order had been looking for someone months ago. Probably should have stepped up then, but opportunity came knocking again. As always, color me honored and humbled. See y’all in The Gloom.

Short Sale out.


TClap |

New Beginnings, Building Bridges at The Ballroom

Preamble – New Beginnings

When The Ballroom moved from its founding location behind The Mirror Room on Gold Hill Rd to Pleasant Knoll Elementary School down the road, then to PKMS, it was both exciting and sad for many. A shiny new pair of shoes is always nice, but sometimes those old ones fit just right. The spirit of F3 was cultivated and spread in the grounds there. Many a PAX laid alot of sweat marks all around the old locale, some not as much as others but enough to leave a mark. Some merlot was donated to the groundwater supply as well. There were alot of painful and fun 1st F beatdowns, moderate or not, administered there. We celebrated there. We consoled there. We held each other up in times of need there. We supported and pushed each other there. We made each other better there. We converged there and sent a much loved young man away to serve his country abroad there. We welcomed many new faces there. There were alot of great 2nd and 3rd Fs forged there. Iron was sharpened there. Leaders were invigorated there.  Part of the fabric of F3 nation was woven there. The old locale will always have a special place for those who were there.

As is the same with Fort Mill itself, F3 is always expanding. Always improving. Always evolving. You will never reach new grounds until you commit to pushing off of the dock. Too much traffic and congestion, it was becoming dangerous for the PAX. It was time to find a new AO locale for The Ballroom. First it was Pleasant Knoll Elementary School (PKES). A few workouts were held there, led by some great Qs. But for anyone who has driven by the sparkling new Pleasant Knoll Middle School (PKMS) from its initial ground clearing through construction to completion, it was obvious this was going to be the crown jewel of middle schools (for now) in Fort Mill’s outstanding school system. Make no doubts about it, we were all hoping this would become an AO.  It was reconned one morning. The new site is incredible – HUGE, brand new still with that new construction smell, and FULL of options to challenge the PAX in many ways. The decision was made. This was it. PKMS was to be the new AO for The Ballroom – and it may get a new name as well. New site, new F3 memories to come. New Beginnings.

Time to Git ‘Er Dun

When Cake Boss asked me to Q a WO at The Ballroom, I could not say Aye quick enough. I showed up at a little after 5, and there were quite a few folks already there, ready to get after it. A great turnout of great PAX. Alot of good conversation building up to the start. It is a great group of PAX here. A few late stragglers came in right at the buzzer. Time to git ‘er dun!

No FNGs, disclaimer was made, and off we went….

Mosey from the main parking lot meandering around the long, curving driveway. Slow a bit for some toy soldiers, then gather at an intersection near the new football field. COP:

  • SSH x 20
  • WM x 20
  • Imperial-Hillbilly Walker – start w IW w one leg, plant leg back down then do HW w same leg – right leg up to left elbow, back down, right leg up to right elbow, back down counts as one rep. Did 10 or so reps .
  • MNC x 20
  • Peter Parker x 10
  • Parker Peter x 10

Quick discussion on on discipline (see NMM). Mosey over to the football field. Vernon’s playground. Blows my mind that this is a middle school field!! Incredible. Vernon made sure to keep us off the new track and not mess up the turf too bad. It was clear, dark, and the stars were out. It was amazing. This is part of the reason why many of us love the early morning routines.

Main Event

On the artificial turf football field. It sets goals and boundaries. Starting right at the 0 yd goal line at one corner post, do an exercise OYO, transition to another exercise. Total of 5 exercises at 20yds apart, moderate HIIT style. Aim is to get to the other goal line 100yds away. Exercises and transitions:

  1. 100 yds – Merkins
  2. Lunge walk transition
  3. 80 yds – LBCs
  4. Bear crawl transition
  5. 60 yds – LSS
  6. Crab walk transition
  7. 40 yds – CDDs
  8. Lunge walk
  9. 20 yds – AHs
  10. Sprint AYG to goal

> Start at 20 reps of each exercise OYO. No stopping until you get to the end. 10 second breather then mosey over in various ways to other side of field. Repeat cycle in decreasing reps 15, then 10, then 5. In the end the PAX did 50 of each exercise and transitioned 400 yds.

The PAX did great! Alot of mumblechatter, laughter, and pushing and encouraging each other on. This is what it is all about. Thank you all for starting each other’s day off right.

After we brushed off the little black rubber pellets that seemed to get all over us (which Old Bay did not seem too fond of),  we moseyed back towards the school. Up and around to the back of the school where there is a long, tall, well-lit wall that is just PERFECT for wall work.

  • People’s chair to slow 10 count, 3 reps
  • BTTW  to slow 10 count, 3 reps

Behind the school next to where we did the wall work is something quite unique for this school…..a long steel and concrete foot bridge from the school proper to the athletic fields that crosses a large, deep ravine. This is quite symbolic for the theme of the month in my opinion. We stopped in the middle of the bridge to drive home my point on discipline. See NMM. We then moseyed back in a two line slow Indian run back to the COT. After AP&P, Cake Boss led us out with an amazing prayer as is usual for him.

Announcements, Prayers, and Praises:.
* Read your newsletter!
* CAH Guidance back to Saturdays starting on 9/2 at 4pm
* CAH Burpee Challenge – almost $3K collected!! Still some outstanding commitments. Please pay what you’ve pledged.
* Nun Run coming up – if you are not aware of Speed for Need, please read up. An AMAZING initiative. Vuvuzela’s son, among others, will experience the pure joy it brings. An incredible thing. Consider participating, or at the least donating to this worthy cause.
* Prayers for Cornerstone’s Emma as well as his M.
* Prayers for other M’s going through various struggles
* Prayers for injured and struggling PAX
* Prayers for kids going back to school
* Praises for PAX pushing themselves to get better in whatever way

NMM – Building Bridges

The theme of this dwindling month is discipline. It’s a strong word that affects many aspects of our lives. There is discipline of guidance, teaching, or mentoring others in order to attain desired behavior or help foster positive growth in others. There is also the idea of having discipline or self-discipline and holding yourself accountable to an established standard, doctrine or expectation. To me, it is how you structure your mind, heart, and soul. Discipline gives you the boundaries in which you operate, much like the gridiron football field we were on for this workout. It provides the structure through which you build upon in order to achieve. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.

Keep in mind the ‘goals’ and ‘accomplishments’ are not just worldly pursuits such as winning a game, getting a degree, completing a marathon, making more money, or getting a promotion at work. Yes, greater applied discipline will definitely help in those pursuits. But they could be more inter/intra-personal, spiritual goals of:

  • Having a better relationship with God
  • Living the word of The Gospel more
  • Having a better relationship with your parents, M,  2.0’s, family, and/or friends
  • Becoming more reliable, accountable for others in your life
  • Having a better control over your ‘demons’ so to speak, however you may define that word
  • Overcoming personal obstacles towards improvement of your mind, body, heart, soul

As we stood on that bridge at the school, I again mentioned to the PAX that discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. I challenged the PAX to examine their lives, think of any goal(s) of where they want to be, and see what bridges they need to build, what structure do they need in order to get there. In the past I have been told I have good self discipline, but I know I have some bridges that people don’t see that need to be built. I have self confidence issues, I can be socially insecure, I do not have as good of a relationship with God as I would like, I am not as open and available to family and friends as I used to be, I could be a better husband to my M, I still have some anger issues that arise every now and then, and I could be a better disciplinarian to my own kids. The introduction of F3 in my life has helped me immensely in those areas, but there is still work to do. If you look deep and get past the wall of denial, we all have bridges to build or restore.

If you set a goal, no matter how lofty it may seem, it will be the bridge of discipline that will help get you there. Plus, those accomplishments are easier to attain when you have help, and you will never be alone if you have Sky Q in your heart and soul. Having the self-restraint, courage and perseverance which comes from the pursuit and strength provided by God is true, everlasting discipline. The bridges you will build will last forever.

Let’s build some bridges.

Thank you Cake Boss for the opportunity to lead.
God bless,

TClap |

Welcome FNG Airwolf and welcome all PAX to the new AO at Pleasant Knoll Elementary. The Ballroom has a new AO and possibly a new name. That is still to be determined. In meantime, 20 PAX and YHC took a tour of the grounds and got disciplined.

Introduced the PAX and away we went.

Mosey around back of school in the pitch black. Lights in the front, party in the back…..I mean dark in the back. Still able to mosey.

  • Lunge walk
  • Shuffle L/R
  • Karoke L/R
  • Mosey to playground


Weezer came in and led first few excercises

  • Low slow squats
  • ???? can remember 2nd move
  • Moracan nIght Clubs

YHC back at Q

  • SSHs
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Peter Parkers
  • LBCs
  • Mtn Climbers

Count off in 4’s

Rotate stations after group doing swing crunches are done….2 rounds

1″s – Swing Crunches to 15

2’s – Carolina Dry Docks

3’s – LBCs

4’s – Squats


Mosey to Wall

Peoples Chair, while PAX bear crawl to end of line

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to Front of school

  • Round of Dips

Back in groups – 1 group at time runs hill, to steps and back to PAX wile other groups alternate excercises

  • Dips x3
  • Derkinsx3
  • lungesx3
  • sumo squat x3

PAX mosey down main drive. YHC after asking many of the PAX to define discipline, explained that we work hard to train and gain knowledge so that when things get hard, we have the discipline to push through and accomplish what we could not if we were not disciplined. Like facing a long uphill run back to COT. Its not how fast or what others are doing, but what are we willing to push through and get better at??

  • PAX ran back to shovel flag with strong finish
  • Freddy Mercurys
  • Supermans
  • Rosalitas
  • Hello Dollys

COT: Great PAX and Great AO. I’m looking forward to the growth potential at the New AO and the many new Q that went through Q school to get some fresh blood in the mix.

Get disciplined men so that when the storms come in life, you are strong and ready to face them.

Cake Boss out!

TClap |

Farewell to Fred Astaire or Goodbye Ballroom

17 gathered to bid farewell to the Ballroom with visits to classic site areas and two games of frogger.  (Written on iPad at 23,000 feet)


The thang


warm up – no clear recall on what that was

Mosey to Founders parking lot. With partner do two sets of squats and crunches whilst partner runs around building

Mosey to Publix while engaging frogger   50 calf raises and 15 merkins

Mosey to coupon pile with stop for bear crawls and merkins on the very moist grass

With partner and coupon complete curls, presses, one armed rows, and triceps extensions while partner runs up and down hill

Mosey back to warehouse wall while playing frogger across Gold Hill road

With partner wall sits while partner scales two,retaining walls – 2x

Return to COT via retaining walls with finish of 25 SSH


Freedom means being able to,choose but also requires the acceptance of consequences




TClap |