The Ballroom: Picking up the 6…..all 6 of us!

1 is the loneliest number…. but then there were 2 and eventually 6 of us came to the Ballroom for our daily red pill.

Was a cool morning but not crazy cold. The Ballroom is usually loaded with PAX but i guess the school delay and ice took their man cards……YES I said it. Haha!

The Thang: Everywhere we went, we carried our friend “The 6”

Line up at end of parking lot:
· Sprint 20 yd
· Shuffle 20 yd
· Karoke 20yd
· Sprint 20yd

SSH x 15
CDD x15
Mtn Climber x15
IW x15

Jog to Corner of building:
Indian Run to each Corner of building
1st Corner – Seal Team Sit Ups x20
2nd Corner – Partner Derkins x 10 each

7’s on the driveway between schools

  • Bombjacks
  • Squats

3rd Corner – Partner Leg Raises x 10 each

4th Corner – Spiderman Pushup x 10

Jog to front of school:
Circle Up for Mary:
Member of PAX runs to far island and back
Rest of PAX performs Ab routine—-we did 2 rounds of abs


I spoke to the PAX about my childhood Christmas and how on Christmas eve we would hang stockings and put cookies out and go to bed. The Tree was not decorated and nothing else in the room looked like Christmas. When we woke up on Christmas morning the Tree in all its glory was decorated, Christmas town village with train set was running with lights in each house. Gifts spread across the room and stockings full.  I use to watch that train under the tree for hours and even today when I see toy trains or electric trains it takes me back to the magic of Christmas. Funny thing with trains is that wherever that engine goes, the cars follow. straight, turn right, turn left…. the cars are right behind it. I challenged the PAX on what is their “engine”? Is it the worldly success and a facade or something more substantial? Ask yourselves what are you following and what is your motivation in life……what is your purpose??? Are you following it closely and step by step?? Is it rewarding or fleeting?? My personal engine is my Lord and Savior  Jesus and my motivation to be better today and tomorrow than I was yesterday. This is the case at home, work and community. It gives me fullness of life today but I also know it will for eternity. My purpose is HIS purpose. What is your ENGINE???

Thanks Short Sale for the lead. Appreciate all the PAX!!

Cake Boss


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Slow Burn – Wingin It – November 30, 2018

My man Dark Helmet came down with a cold Thursday afternoon. I took the Q and rolled with it. I came into the morning with only a small idea of what I was going to do. I decided to piece together work outs that I had enjoyed from other Qs. It turned out to be more than moderate and we all (9) ended up having a great workout.

We started with a mosey down to the parking lot near En Chiladas for a warm up.
Moroccan Nightclub
The Wind Mill
Side Straddle Hop
Emperial Walker

We stayed where we were and paired up. While one man did LBCs, the other bear crawled to the other end of the parking space where he did 5 bomb jacks. Then he broad jumped back to the beginning. Then the partner did the same thing while he did the LBCs. We did 2 rounds of that. Then we switched the routine to one man doing merkins while the other lunged to the other end of the parking space, did 5 bomb jacks, and lunged back. We did two rounds of this.

Then we did a short mosey over to the side parking lot where we paired up and ran a 40 yard dash. I challenged everyone to try to outrun their partner. We did this 4 times. At the end of this, everyone was pretty winded. We stayed in the area and circled back up to work on our abs. We did the following exercises.
American Hammer
The Flutter
Hello Dolly
Box Cutters

From there we walked over to the wall where we did 25 calve raises (double count). This was inspired by Kenyan (Pow Pow Pow).

We moseyed to the parking lot in from of Empire Pizza where we did a special type of suicides.

We ran to the first parking spot and did 10 merkins single count and then ran back
We ran back to the first space and repeated the 10 merkins, then to the next spot where we did 5 burpees. Then we ran back.
Then we repeated the first two exercises on our way to the 3rd spot to do 5 bomb jacks, then back.
The final round had us stop to do each exercise on our way to the last spot where we did 10 low slow squats and ran back to the beginning.

The final round of exercises had us run 4 times all the way to the last spot where we did each of the 4 previous exercises and ran back (one exercise, run back, and on to the next one, etc.)

Afterwards, we all moseyed back to the COT.

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The Coop: Beat the temperature day and we did it! #25

It was a cool morning and when I say cool I mean Fonzie cool. PAX came in from all directions and we had met the temperature of 25 degrees. I was proud that the men did not stay in the fartsack where it was easy….but rather said yes to accountability and posted with their brothers.

Had to get the PAX warm, so away we went……

The Thang:

Mosey around parking lot

  • Shuffle
  • Mosey
  • Toy solders
  • more Mosey
  • COP
    • Plank
    • Merkins
    • Imperial Walkers
    • Squats
    • Peter Parker
    • FLutters
    • Parker Peters
  • Mosey
    • 1’s wall sit with shoulder presses
    • 2’s 5 box jumps, 10, derkins, 15 dips
    • Flapjack
    • Mosey to front of NAFO school

Had 12 cinder block stations, partner up

  1. Run around islands of parking lot
  2. perform exercises below with as many reps as possible while waiting on partner
    1. Flapjack until all 12 are completed
  • Bear crawl with Block drag
  • Block swing
  • Floor to Shelf L/R
  • Curls
  • Tri-extensions
  • Leg raises with Block
  • Bear crawl with Block right/left Merkins
  • Squat to overhead press
  • Bent Rows
  • Burpees
  • Sumo deadlifts press
  • LBCs

Time was up and so the PAX moseyed back to COT with blocks in hand

  • Wrap up with Freddy’s and Hello Dolly’s

Thank you Wegmans for the opportunity to Q

  • The Fort Christmas Party is this Saturday 12/1
  • Christmas convergence at Palisades Elementary School 12/24
  • Prayers for the many dealing with health concerns, lost family members and injuries

Individually we can be picked apart and crumble, however when we stand together and support each other we are indestructible. Like the cinder blocks we used, individually they don’t do much but with many of them……makes a solid foundation. Hold a brother accountable and likewise and you will become a solid foundation for your family, friends and community.

Cake Boss


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Smashing Taboo on this Election Tuesday

Today 11 men  joined together in the unseasonably warm but wet aftermath of a heavy rain that preceded us.  Plenty of puddles to step in but lots of good fellowship to counteract the wet.  My apologies to Long Shanks for getting his shoes wet by moseying through the fields

Message:  The challenge during partner activities was to engage in the taboo… to engage in dialogue around politics and religion.  The great deceiver has created societal roles that it is taboo to talk about politics or religion because he knows when we talk about difference, when we talk about our own pain and suffering that what we usually find is commonality, hope and support that he doesn’t want you to find.  This month take a leap of faith and make yourself vulnerable by speaking about something on your heart that you wouldn’t normally speak about. Find healing, support and hope in the men around you.


Started with some stretching… because we are old (except Falcon Crest but he played along)

Moseyed past the smelly trash can to the back parking lot for some Rugby sprints that included SSH, CCDs, Merkins, Sumo Squats, Hill Billy Walkers and maybe a couple others.

Mosey to the side HT wall for some wall sits and bear crawls from one end to the other (that is one long wall……….)

Mosey to Grace parking lot for the Starfish which included 8 pain stations within 1 Min. on and 15 seconds of transition which we did two rounds of that included 50#, 30#, 25# weights and a 10# ball.

This morning was a good work out but great fellowship among the pax.  It was a lot of fun connecting but also sweating!  Special call out to my partner, Old Bay,  for the good conversation on politics and religion.  I’m better because of the conversation.  Aye!


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VQ At the Abyss

The Abyss has been around, what, 2 years or so?  YHC has never made it down there, and that’s a shame.  Not only is it a great, well-lit AO, but the pax there represent Lake Wylie very well! Sure wish Siri hadn’t been lying to me all this time on how long it takes to get there.  At 4:45am, it seems every AO in TheFort can be reached in 15 minutes or less.

This cool halloween morning, the count was 14 pax.  The mumblechatter level made it feel more like 25. Excellent! YHC knew most of the pax there, but the hats and my historically bad memory for names threw me off (cobains Wolverine for calling you “Moreen”).

Disclaimer was issued as Flux was coming in hot.  We moseyed the opposite direction from where he parked, but made a loop for him to catch up.  Stopped in the same front lot for some warm-up:

  • SSH (IC) x25
  • Imperial Walker (IC) x20
  • Mountain Climbers (IC) x20
  • Flutters (IC) x20
  • Windmills (IC) x20

Moseyed around to the back lot to find 4 cones set up, one in front of each basketball goal (along long side of track).  Time for some Webb-o-Rama.  The exercises at each cone were to be done in a Jack Webb style, (1:4 ratio).

Cone 1: Burpees and Side Straddle Hops, then Bear Crawl to cone 2

Cone 2: Big Boy Sit-ups and American Hammers, then wheelbarrow to cone 3

Cone 3: Knee Tar N’Diayes and Run-Stance Switches, then wheelbarrow to cone 4

Cone 4: Traditional Jack Webb (merkins and overhead claps), then run around track back to cone 1

We did a total of 3 loops of the circuit.

Round 1: 1-5

Round 2: 6-8

Round 3: 10 (didn’t have time for 9)

Moseyed back to COT.


I took just a few minutes after round 1 to share how my kids are at an age that I’m really proud of them.  But as a father, it is very important we don’t give them the impression that our love and pride for them is based on winning or achieving a certain status.  It should be based on them showing a good work ethic, passion, and self-motivation to try and use the gifts God has given them.  And shifting the perspective a little, I am incredibly grateful that God’s love for me is not based on how much I “win” or am “successful”.  Thank God for His GRACE that keeps me from having to accomplish things in order to earn His love.


Excellent effort by LW’s finest this morning.  Thanks for making me feel so welcome.  And thanks to Bones for the opportunity to lead.

Keep it spicy.
-old bay

TClap |

At Slow Burn-We Run in the Rain & We Feel No Pain!

IMG_0192Borrowing a quote from our USPS & tweeking it a bit F3 style, , “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays the Pax from the swift completion of their appointed workout. ”

Nine Pax posted on a rainy Slow Burn morning.


Mosey along in the drizzling rain accompanied by high knees, butt kickers, side shuffles to the Lowe’s awning to stay somewhat dry


12 SSH

15 Moroccan Night Clubs

12 Windmills

Plank Stretch

Downward Dog

10 Merkins

3 Burpees OYO


Partner Up / 2 Excercises / Alternate / Complete Reps / 3 Minutes

-Mtn Climbers / Squats 20x

-Bomb Jacks / Partner Plank Hand Taps 20x

-LBCs / Plank Jacks 20x


Continue to Run In The Rain & I Feel No Pain……………………..

Return back for some cover

-Merkins / Jump Rope 20x

-Lunges / American Hammer  20x

-Carolina Dry Docks / Low Slow Squat 20x

With the help of glitter ball bluetooth speaker and and the Seconds app, some legends joined us in ‘Da Gloom for the Theme of the Month, Encouragement:

Billy Joel -Pressure

Fleetwood Mac – Go Your own Way

Journey – Anyway You Want It

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

Led Zeppelin – Rock & Roll

Tom Petty – Runnin Down A Dream

Van Halen – Right Now

A “drizzling” Indian Run back to COT



Prayers & Praises

Welcome Back Bob the Builder

Shovel Flag handoff from Smithers to Hootie.

Props to Harry Carry for recommending the Seconds app & Cake Boss for the workout idea! Thanks Brothers!

Thank you Smithers for the honor of being the QIC!

TClap |

Block Party – Smoothing the Stones

Today at the Block Party I was ready to have a namesake beatdown with Cinder Blocks and all the fun of them. So the wienke was made and the plan was to utilize the blocks at Honey Badger Central or Den or the Coop or whatever they are calling NAFO these days. At 0430 I left to go get the blocks and find there are no blocks to be found. It seems the FMSD has taken our blocks away……again!!

After quick conversation with the Darkest of Helmets I had to call….Omaha…..Omaha!!! Was not too bad to change some of the exercise moves and YHC was ready to roll.

15 PAX arrived and I was excited for the turnout at WEP. Its an original AO and one of our best and so love to see the PAX still coming. We had 13 bootcamp and 3 runners for Pathfinder and at 0515 away we all went.

Mosey up the Stairway to Heaven

  • Al Gore
  • Merkins (Stealth)

Mosey along path

  • Al Gore
  • Merkins (Stealth)
  • Low Slow Squat

Mosey along path

  • Al Gore
  • Merkins (Stealth)
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Windmills

Mosey along path

  • Al Gore
  • Merkins (Stealth)
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Imperial Walkers

The Main event

List of 10 exercises, 100 reps cumulative with Partner

Partner  1 runs around Playground, Partner 2 exercise move…..working the list

  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • Lunge (50 each leg)
  • Swing Crunches
  • Pullups
  • Step ups (100 each leg)
  • Dips
  • Toe Taps
  • Derkins
  • Leg Raises

Nice work by all the PAX. FNG, Liquidate, did great and fun was had by all!!

I talked to the men about David and Goliath and when David chose 5 smooth stones there was a reason. Smooth stones would fly straight and accurate versus those with edges and odd shape. The stones were smooth from being in the water and rubbing against each other over years and smoothing each other out. We as men need each other to help us shoot straight and face our Goliath. By surrounding ourselves with PAX that want to get better and live for something bigger than ourselves, we will all get smoothed out and be able to fly straight and stay on path. Get those trusted advisers in your life and GET BETTER!

Cake Boss

TClap |

Block Party Beast Beatdown

YHC was excited to get the reminder of my pending Q at Block Party. You see, it’s been a bit since I’ve Q’d and I haven’t been as committed to my First F as I should. Would I be dying trying to call cadence? What exercises should we do? Would anybody even show up? After a restless night of sleep, I got up, picked up my boy Atticus, and cruised to the spot where it all started in The Fort…WEP! One of my questions was answered right away as cars started rolling in the parking lot. And they kept coming. Seeing all the PAX (18 in total!) definitely humbled me and got my Qdrenaline flowing. After a quick disclaimer, we took off.


Mosey to the first mile marker with some high knees and butt kickers thrown in. Plank series at the marker, flip to crab for some dips (crab dip?), and back for more planks. Merkins and then back to moseying.

We stopped at each marker and did more stuff including but not limited to squats, LBC’s, wide arm merkins, mountain climbers, Peter Parkers, etc.

After completing the circle, we headed over to the brick wall at the UC Synergetic visitor parking lot on 160. Everybody grabbed a seat on the wall and watched while the guy on the end burpee broad jumped his way to the other end of the group and took a seat. Everybody got a turn and great fun was had critiquing form and jumping ability.
Next up was a bear crawl race up the big grassy hill to the main parking lot. While catching our breath, YHC talked about the word of the month, Encouragement. I shared that Barnabus was one of my favorite men of the Bible. Acts 4:36 tells us his name means “son of encouragement”. That’s exactly what he was during his missionary journeys with Paul. I want to be an encourager and our kids certainly need that from us. Some of the best words you can say to your kids: You got what it takes! I believe in you! The challenge to encourage someone that day was issued.
Next up was the meat of the workout, THE BEAST.
The Beast = 6 stations, 6 exercises at each station, 6 rounds. After each round, plank up and wait for the 6.
1st round – jumping lunges
2 – Freddy Mercury
3 – Low Country Crabs
4 – American Hammers
5 – Flutter Kicks? I can’t really remember?
6 – Burpees (crowd pleaser)
A quick look at the watch indicated 3 minutes till 6 so jailbreak to COT

We had a lot. Christmas Party, upcoming workout, CAH volunteer opportunities, etc. As they say, read your newsletter
Prayers and praises were shared and Chicken Hawk closed up out.
Thanks Shady for giving me the opportunity to Q! I needed the kick in the pants to get back out there and I loved every minute of it.
Flat Tire

TClap |

3-Speed Track Work at Laces Out

Succinct backblast start >>>>>>

We were on the track for some 3-speed speed work.

  1. 1 mile warm-up
  2. Dynamic stretching (butt kickers, high knees, toy soldiers) back and forth across field
  3. 400m at 10k pace, 200m at 5k pace, 200m recovery pace
  4. 800m at 10k pace, 200m at 5k pace, 200m recovery pace
  5. 1200m at 10k pace, 200m at 5k pace, 200m recovery pace

Rinse and repeat steps 3-5 until 5:55a.  Most normal pax got 5-6 miles in.  I think I heard McGuyver say he got 8 miles.

Well done, pax!  Thanks for the invite to lead, Atlas.

<<<<<< Succinct backblast end

TClap |

Run, run, run. Do some things. And then run some more. Grass is wet.

The Thang:


Mosey up Munn Street to the other side of the school.

A few warm up exercises in the parking lot.

Partner up for accountability and run the LARGE half circle stopping three times to do 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 40 lbcs at each stop.

The complaining..errr…mumblechatter started.

Nice soft grass was found on the lacrosse field along with 2 tires.  Two groups lined up.  One line ran carrying the smaller tire while the other line rolled the tractor tire the length of the field.  The remaining Pax did a series of exercises until their turn.


A nice lil mosey o a wall for some sits and BTTW.

Another run and then 150 calf raises (50 regular/50 toes in/50 toes out)

Lots of complaining.

Ran back to COT for a quick round of Mary.

The End.

My message was short but hopefully is remembered when life happens – there is opportunity in change.  Look for the good side and embrace what that can mean for you.

As always an honor to lead the men of The Fort, esp on the day we honored Dark Visor who passed away yesterday in Alpharetta at a workout.

Until next time….

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