Ruck to Honor Master Deputy II Micheal Robert Doty

Lift your rucks up and hold them over your head.  Let’s take a moment to understand what we are here for today.

Yesterday I attended the celebration of life for York County Sheriff’s Duty Mike Doty.  I heard story after story about a man who took his work, family and friends with an equal level of seriousness.  This seriousness was driven by a passion to help people.  Whether it was a complete stranger, a family member, or a friend he was there without question and, as was pointed out, without a complaint.

One story told by his pastor was how he liked to look good.  I can tell you first hand, this is true, as I remember the day I met him in what I think was the winter of 2007.

My brother in law joined the Fort Mill Police Department in 2007 and two of the first friends he made were twin brother Chris and Mike Doty.  They were both intentional about welcoming him into the police family.  I quickly learned just how blurry the lines become between the PD, Sheriff’s Office, and the Highway Patrol.  This was primarily from what I witnessed in the actions of Mike and Chris Doty.  I hung out a fair amount with Chris, but did not have the opportunity to get to know Mike largely due to the shift he worked.  However, I remember the day I met Mike when he showed up to a small party I was attending with my brother in law and Chris.  Mike was on duty so he was in uniform and it being the winter he had on a beanie.  I specifically remember him being happy with his beanie because as he said it, “it matched the color of the uniform.”  I didn’t know why I remembered that tiny detail until yesterday.

This tiny detail is an example of how Mike approached everything.  Most of us would have simply grabbed a black beanie and been happy with warm ears, but not Mike.  He took things that extra mile.  This clearly carried forward into the impact he had on our community.  His intense passion for stopping underage drinking and drug abuse was a topic I heard more than once yesterday and have read about in news reports.  One specific example shared was a story shared by York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson about Mike’s focus on the opioid crisis we have today.  Again, not doing anything halfway, Mike initiated the York County Narcan program which trains officers to recognize opioid overdoses and take measures to reverse the effects.

I shared these thoughts with the PAX at the beginning of the workout all the while holding our rucks over our heads.  The focus for day is Mike Doty and like Mike we would not do anything halfway.  We would do reps based on numbers in Mike’s life and we would do them with an attention to detail and in good form.

With the rucks still over our head we would start where Mike’s life began.  Mike and Chris Doty were born on February 2, 1980. 

Birth 2/2/1980

  • 2 Overhead Squats
  • 2 Ruck Thrusters
  • 19 Merkins
  • 80 Single Count Flutter Kicks 

12 Years of Service & 37 Years of Life

Next we focused on the years in Mike’s life that were the source of the stories and the man Mike was.  Mike lived a full, impactful 37 years and gave 12 years of service to the Sheriff’s Office.  To honor these years, we covered the entire parking lot in front of Harris Teeter with a fast paced burn for 30 minutes.  For the run, we carried our rucks either with straps on our chest, by the handles, or if you are Rad, over your head since we were apparently lacking in shoulder work.

  • 12 Man Makers
  • Run 100 Yards (Carry Ruck)
  • 37 Ruck Swings
  • Run 100 Yards (Carry Ruck)
  • 12 Squats
  • Run 100 Yards (Carry Ruck)
  • 37 Bent Over Rows
  • Run 100 Yards (Carry Ruck)
  • 12 Merkins
  • Run 100 Yards (Carry Ruck)
  • 37 Ruck Curls

Speed Ruck back to the start and complete the series a second time.

At this point we were all completely smoked, but not done.  We then turned to the day that the people of York County will not forget.  The day that as tragic, anger and sadness inducing as it was, also brought a ton of beauty to our region.  Detective Mike Doty’s passing was the birth of a showing of support for our first responders that many of us have not seen in some time.  It comes in the wake of a treatment towards our officers that simply does not line up with the appreciation those that put their lives on the line deserve.

End of Watch 1/17/2018

  • 1 Bear Crawl (100yds)
  • 17 Merkins
  • 20 Overhead Presses
  • 18 Squats

Lastly we concluded by recognizing Detective Mike Doty’s badge number. I really wish we had a full hour, because to do this justice we needed to do 809 reps of something.  However, given we only had three minutes left we did the following.

Badge number 809

  • 80 Flutter Kicks with the ruck over head
  • 9 LBCs with the ruck over head

Thank you to the PAX who posted today for giving it everything you had!  We all went into this knowing that a 45 minute workout would never live up the level of respect we have or the tribute that we would truly love to pay; which is why everyone was crawling toward the end.  It was HARD but it should be when you attempt to honor a man like Detective Mike Doty.

We will continue to lift up the Doty family in our prayers.  We also continue to pray for the quick recovery of Sergeant Randy Clinton, Sergeant Buddy Brown, and Officer Kyle Cummings.  May the Lord watch over our first responders and keep them safe as they do daily for us.  Thank you to all of you for what you do daily and know that the men of F3 Back the Blue!

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The Ranch 2017.45

For this one I went back to my roots, the Dora 1-2-3.

Warmup SSH, Hillbilly Walkers, Cherry Pickers.  Mosey to the middle school entrance for some cover.  Discuss where the name (Dora) for the workout came from.  Procrastinate.

Partner up for Dora with 100 Pistol bench squats, 200 Carolina dry docks, 300 Freddy Mercuries

Go over what the word of the month, Victory.  You can’t have a victory without a struggle, without the risk of losing.

20 jump squats, 20 slow merkins, 20 jump squats, 1 min partner plank (1 arm plank with some support from your parnter by placing your hand on their shoulder), 20 jump squats, 1 min other arm partner plank

wall sits with everyone getting a request for the setlist, 1 leg up, other leg up, (something else?), switch for balls2wall, back to sits for 2 more requests, then balls2wall with shoulder taps x10

Mosey back for COT.

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4 Corners at the Ballroom

We had 22 PAX at the Ballroom for some 4 corners work.  We took a short mosey with some toy soldiers and high knees thrown in there and headed toward the back parking.  Before starting out we had a brief intro on the theme of the month Victory. YHC challenged the PAX to think of where you are seeking victory.  The place where we most need victory is in our relationship with Christ.  With that seed planted we started our COP with COP consisted of SSH, windmills, Moroccan knight clubs, Merkins and a few Yoga exercises.

Now on to the meat and potatoes.  Did I say we were doing 4 corners? Yeah, I thought so.  In each corner there was a list of 4 exercises.  Make a lap for each # return to the middle for 5 burpees or bomb-jacks.  The 4 rounds were as follows:

15 Reps. for each exercise:

  1. LBC’s, Flutters, Hello Dolly’s, and American Hammers
  2. Calf Raises, lunges, Sumo Squats, and regular Squats
  3. Peter Parkers, Mtn. Climbers, SSH, Parker Peters
  4. Shoulder Taps, John Travolta’s, CDD’s, and Merkins

Back to the center for some encouragement on victory.

20 Reps for each exercise:

  1. LBC’s, Flutters, Hello Dolly’s, and American Hammers
  2. Peter Parkers, Mtn. Climbers, SSH, Parker Peters

Mossy back to COT.  We ended up doing 10 additional for a “That’s what she said comment” although no one owned up to it.  The ballroom moderate ended up being not so moderate. Didn’t hear any complaints.  Thanks for the opportunity!


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WhatDid brought Sally to the Ranch

The Ranch, a staple go to AO here in the Fort had 10 HIM show up to get better.  That’s as simple as we kept it.

YHC gave a disclaimer as we had an FNG present. All moves are suggestions, you’re here on your own will, modify as needed and off we went.

My chicken scratch weinke is attached to this post. The highlight – 3 minutes of Sally Up, Sally down merkin fest. Great idea until about minute 2 for most of us. Those merkin beast out there today – great job men.

Welcome to FNG Octane. Who of which, is of Respectable status. He was in my driveway ready to go at 4:45.  It’s never to late for us to get out there and crush it- as proven by Octane. Pax -go out there and EH even our older brothers.  They’ll teach us a few things along the way.


  • Fast5 – Get on a team and ask Anchorman and Zika for details
  • Christmas party on 12/1.
  • Get involved with G-Fit. Which moved to Saturdays at Steele Street park at 3 PM.


  • Praises for all the great Fort AO’s
  • Family, Wives/Children

Until Next time…WhatDid out

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19 High Impact Men posted for a moderate workout in the misty gloom today. Smuggler made a strong come back, kotter style. Stang lead the second stretch-o-rama which made the Pax grunt like they were in a birthing center. Asphalt came to  COT and blessed us with his powerful testimony.

The Thang:

Strech-o-rama for warm-up

COP: SSH (10x), IW (10x), HBW (20x), Sumo Squats (15x), MC (20x), Jumping Lunges (10x), Swimmers (10x) Freddie Mercuries (15x),

Toy Soldiers, Shuffle Left, Shuffle Right, Back Pedals, Karaoke Left, Karaoke Right, Power Skips

Dips (15x), Extreme CCDs (10x) and LBCs (20x)

Decline Merkins (15x), Extreme CCDs (10x), and Flutters(20x)

Incline Merkins (15x), Extreme CCDs (10x), Heels to Heaven (20x)

Wall Merkins, People’s Chair (3x)

Partner Drills: One partner runs to the light post and back while the other does the following until the team does a total of 100 Merkins, 200 Monkey Humpers, 300 Flutters.

Strech-o-rama for cool down


God is in control. Type A people, like myself, struggle to understand that reality. Reality became very clear when the Colombia Mission Team and I were stranded in Miami right before Irma hit.

I brainstormed solutions to “control” the situation like:

– Get another flight to escape the hurricane (reality check: the airport was closing).

– Take a train (reality check: the train station was closed).

– Find a hotel for shelter (reality check: all local hotels were closed).

We prayed and then escaped the storm by driving in what the media claimed would be 15 mile/hour traffic.

God was in control and His plan was far greater than ours. Instead of 12 men going to Colombia, he sent 17 of us to Florida to help hurricane survivors. Instead of serving 1 organization in Columbia, we served 5 organizations in Florida. Instead of engaging a few donors to raise money for the mission trip, He engaged over 1K people in our church/community to collect supplies for the hurricane survivors in Florida. Instead bringing a few supplies to Colombia (less than the 50 lbs limit), He had us bring over 10K lbs of supplies to  people who needed it in Florida.

I’m glad that God is in control. His plans are far greater than what we can imagine.



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