Tires and props at the deep

Thankful for the opportunity to lead a one hour Q at the Deep, 16 PAX decided to get better in a perfect weather saturday morning. Some PAX pre run not knowing what was coming.

Quick disclaimer  and welcomed one FNG (Cosmo)

We started the warm up with a 2 minute run around the parking lot, circled up and started with the following in cadence:

20 Windmills

20 Low slow squats

20 Moroccan Night Clubs

10 diamond merkins

10 wide arm merkins

20 regular merkins (lots of mumble chatter here, not sure if PAX were complaining about the merkins)


Quick explanation of the workout, we had 4 station/corner setup,  we split into groups 1 to 4 and one group went to each corner, a lap around the parking lot was the “resting” time between stations.

  • First  Corner: (sledgehammers and tire)

10 rosalitas

15 big boy sit ups

20 Sledgehammer swings (10 each side)

25 American hammer (one side count)

  • Second Corner: (dumbbells)

10 two arm triceps extension

15 two arm biceps curls

25 triceps dips

30 Carolina drydocks

  • Third Corner: (large tractor tire)

5  Tire flips

10  Deep squats

20 lunges (10 each side)

30 calf raises

  • Fourth Corner: (battle rope)

10 diamond merkins

15 wide arm merkins

20 regular merkins

30 battle rope wave

With about 32 minutes into the workout we moseyed to the hill behind the baseball field, we bare crawled to the top and crawl bear to the bottom with 5 burpees at the top, rinse and repeat 2 times, our FNG Cosmo was feeling the merlot coming out but luckily he recovered. We run one more time to the top of the hill and grabbed a curb for some triceps dips and a needed 10 count recovery time. We moseyed down the hill and a wall crossed our pat so we people chaired while each PAX did 5 monkey humpers starting from the ends working our way to the middle of the crowd, we did a quick recover followed by balls to the wall while each PAX did 3 burpees starting from each end towards the middle, not sure why Flux’s face was so red (he was in the middle of the pack)  with about 10 minutes left we moseyed back to COT and circled up for some ABS work, clockwise each PAX  chose their favorite exercise for 10 reps each,  great way to finish the workout.

We did a headcount and namearama, we welcomed FNG Cosmo and a 4 year F3 veteran Olaf who moved from Lake Norman to our area.

We prayed for our families, our kids, our jobs and were thankful for our F3 community and the support and strength that brings to our lives.

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Build Your Own Beatdown at the Abyss

After being called out on Twitter for being too brutal (still not a denial), I decided to let the PAX create their own board of pain so they were to blame

3 runners jogged off right before the disclaimer, short disclaimer since we were all veterans.

After a quick warm-up with super necessary stretching, we moseyed over to the back lot to create our Board of pain. While the PAX were doing various plank/reverse plank/one arm high, one man would grab a few cards out of the bag and post them up on the board in any random location. If a number was pulled it was placed at the top of the section as the rep count (NOTE: no 25s were pulled…. stack the deck next time)

After the board, we rotated through some Al Gore and plank while everyone gave a specific worry about this day – Wednesday, Feb 14 – and left it in God’s hands to handle the tiny stressors of the day as to not let them pile up and bring us down slowly. Everyone has big struggles and worries that can take weeks or months to pray through, but don’t forget the small tiny interruptions and distractions the Enemy will throw at you to just keep you enough off balance so you are not ready for the big storms.

Everyone successfully completed the board with enough time to spare for about 200 various AbLab reps ( 100 ish in cadence ) and dropped for 5 OYO burpees with 20 seconds left on the clock.

COT (Annoucements, Prayers, Praises, BoM)

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Ballet and Bear Crawls at Abyss

YHC was already planning to post to the Abyss and suffer the wrath of Wolverine, so when the flu knocked out the regenerating superhuman, it only made sense for a Jedi to step in and help. Plus, there were already several HCs and a friendly reminder to bring gloves, so we were well prepared for a mid-week beat down.

Eight PAX posted to the Palisades Park parking area in the pleasantly warm pre-dawn (with precipitation predicted), the standard disclaimer was given at 0515, and we jumped right in with 25 side straddle hops. This was followed by a long mosey around the parking lot, out the entrance, in the exit, and back around to circle up by the gate to the back of the school.


To keep things interesting, we did the following exercises while standing on our toes:

20 Moroccan night clubs IC

15 imperial walkers IC

15 hillbilly walkers IC

10 low slow squats IC

10 merkins IC (conveniently, these are almost always done on our toes anyway)

This was followed by some downward dogs (with reach across), honeymooner, and wrist stretches.

Warm up Addendum

Not quite satisfied with the warm up, we lined up on the curb for some dips/crab-cake fun a la last week’s Golden Corral Q. Pretty simple, it’s dips and crab-cakes (with hands on curb) done in a 1:4 ratio (aka Jack Webb style). By round 8, the PAX were singing my praises feeling the burn, but they toughed it out and we made it all the way through.

Quick mosey around to the grassy hill for the real fun.

As I was “planning” for this morning, I realized we have a steep, grassy hill next to a road (with a curb on either side), some more grass, and a nice flat wall. There’s a lot we can do in that small area. It took a few minutes to explain, but here’s what we did for

The Thang

Starting at the bottom of the hill, perform 20 squats. Run up the hill and do 10 derkins off the curb. Bear crawl across the street and do 10 incline merkins on the curb. Crab walk to the wall, walk up to a balls to the wall and back down. Crab walk back to the curb, 10 more derkins, bear crawl across the road, 10 more incline merkins, then run down the hill. Rinse and repeat, dropping 2 squats and 1 derkin/incline merkin per round (so, 18 squats, 9 derkins, 9 incline merkins, 9 more derkins, and 9 more incline merkins). Goal was to get all the way down to 0.

PAX begrudgingly acknowledged their understanding, then proceeded to tell the workout what was up. Bart missed a memo somewhere along the way and never decreased the number of derkins/incline merkins, an error he only discovered with 2 minutes remaining. Everybody did an awesome job getting through almost the entire workout before time was called, and it was great hearing them encouraging each other along the way.

For those counting, completing the entire workout as planned would result in 110 squats, 110 derkins, and 110 incline merkins. With the bear crawls, crab walks, and balls to the walls (and the dips/crab-cakes from the warm up), we couldn’t lift our arms anymore, but you don’t need your arms to quickly run back to COT and recover.


  • Go Ruck Light this weekend. Should be fun for those going. For those not going, Q-Bert is planning to destroy you on Saturday at the Deep.
  • Yeti coming up February 24. Bike, run, ruck, relay, walk, crawl….be there.
  • More events coming up in March

Praises and Prayers

  • DaVinci’s business has a new client, which is awesome, but could potentially be a LOT of work if the client decides to do everything they’re thinking of doing. They also are looking to hire a new graphic designer.
  • Cornerstone’s daughter is wrapping up treatment in three weeks!! He’s also applying for a job at a few different places and has already received at least one job offer.
  • Bones is going to be on tv promoting the consumption of loose fats…or, maybe it was the foods to eat to lose fat…
  • Moab has been jobless for a couple months, which is actually a praise because of the way God has provided during what could be a very hard time. Plus, he’s had great time with family these past couple months. But, he does need a job…

It’s always an honor to get to serve a great group of PAX. I’m coming to realize that Qing is a lot like preaching: given less time to prepare usually produces rougher results, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be effective. It definitely pays to be prepared and keep something in your back pocket for the days when the flu brings down the best of us.


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Deck of Death and the Deconstructed Burpee at the Deep

It was early, it was cold.  I had told the guys throughout the week to bring their kids and we could enjoy an easier workout.  But even I bailed with my two boys when I heard it was going to be 20 degrees.  Seems like that’s pushing the child abuse line… Luckily  the other 8 guys that showed up felt the same and decided the kids needed to stay at home.  Good for the children, bad for the PAX…now we got to do the harder things I had planned!

We had an FNG show up a little early and asked if this was F3?  I said yes, and asked him if he had gloves? He seemed confused and then asked, “is this outside?”  I knew he was going to have some fun today…lucky for him the PAX that EH’d him told him about the gloves.  By the end, Chris, an art teacher at a local school, was christened with “Picasso”.

I gave the long disclaimer, and we were off.

Dynamic warmup lap around the parking lot with:

High Knees – Butt Kickers – Toy Soldiers – Karaoke – Knee to Chest – Ankle pull

We circled up on the soccer field for COP:

SSHs – Imperial Walkers – Windmills – Squats with Calf Raises – CDDs – Plank Jacks – Merkins – Peter Parkers

No one really likes when I keep them in plank for 4 exercises…kinda my thang!

Now that we were warmed up, we moseyed over to the GA-GA ball pit.   Each of the 8 men find a post, and jump over the wall 30 times. If they didn’t want to do that…burpees were the alternative. No one took the alternative.

We headed over to our favorite hill for an evolution I stole from Bing down in Lakewood Ranch  who had posted it the day before on his BB.  Seemed like a tough thing to do so I added it to the Weinke.

Partner Up for the “Deconstructed Burpee”

Partner 1 run down and up the hill while partner 2 does the exercise.  Add reps together to these numbers:

100 Hip Thrusters

100 Merkins

100 Jump Squats

Several 10 counts after this one. Picasso didn’t seem to like the deconstructed burpee.  Later Bing told me he got this from our boy Longshanks…no wonder it sucked!

Mosey on to the next evolution behind the school.

5 cones were set up along the back street

Bear crawl to cone then 10 merkins

Lunge walk to next cone then 10 squats

keep repeating until the end 5 cones – about 200 yards.

I shared some thoughts around temptation, personal struggles and accountability. These men of F3 help make me a better man!

Next we stayed by the benches for:

20 Dips

20 Durkins

20 Step-Ups (each leg)

Mosey around to the front of the school

Last evolution today was the Deck of DEATH for 15 minutes.

Hearts = Jump Lunges

Spades = Merkins

Diamonds = Bombjacks

Clubs = Carolina Dry Docks

Aces high were 14 reps

We seemed to pull 13 clubs out of 15 tries… this always gets fun and rowdy by the end.  I pulled two of the Aces myself!

Mosey back to the cars for the normal COT items and naming of our FNG to Picasso.

prayers for Tater’s grandbaby still in NICU but doing OK. Qbert’s wife starting her new job soon, Shakespear’s friends’s parents heath, safe travels for all traveling.

Always and honor to lead,



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Fun times with Cable Guy

9 Strong Men braved the cool weather and a Cable Guy Q

Brief disclaimer given and a nice warm-up mosey to the middle of he track


20 Seal Jacks

20 Plank Jacks

20 SSH

20 Mountain Climbers

20 IW

20 Peter Parkers

20 Slow Squats with a calf raise

20 Parker Peters

20 Moroccan Night Clubs

Mosey over to the side of the track closest to the school

do 10 dips and run a lap

repeat 10 times

Bonus round for those who finished early!

Mosey over to the wall for some Peoples Chair and Burpees (wouldn’t be a Cable Guy Q without Burpees!)

Start from one en and do one Burpee each and back to the wall

Round 2 was 2 Burpees each

Round 3 was 3 Burpees each

Proper technique was suggested!!

Round 4 was a changeup of Ball to the Wall and 1 Burpee down the line

Mosey back to COT

Spoke about the tragedy at The Peach Stand yesterday. Prayed for both the victims family and the suspect for forgiveness. Also spoke about school shootings and Det. Doty. Prayed for peace!

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Quick Adjustments at Quagmire

It was a cooler morning than anticipated when YHC rolled into Quagmire to set up the day’s activities. As soon as I got there, I realized my original plan wouldn’t work because there were two semis parked in the middle of the ideal workout space. But, I’m flexible, and quickly made adjustments to the weinke to accommodate, then drove off to meet the other PAX.

Ten HIMs beat the fartsack (and, to their dismay, failed to check the Twitter machine) to post this morning. As the clock ticked to 0515, a brief disclaimer was disclaimed (“You will go upside down today, so modify as necessary…and be sure to breathe”), and off we went for a mosey through the parking lots with some knees to chest, high knees, and toy soldiers before circling up outside Books-a-Million for a short COP.


10 Windmills IC

20 Moroccan Night Clubs IC

15 Merkins IC

Quick stretch in downward dog then honeymooner, with some side to side low plank (6″) work and a brief battering ram for good measure. Recover to our feet and mosey to the red balls for some more warm up.

Originally, YHC was going to call this the “Paula Abdul” burpicide, but the lyrics to “Opposites Attract” actually say “two steps forward, two steps back,” which gets you nowhere, and that’s unacceptable. So, it went nameless. But, we did what worked out to two burpees and five LBCs at every ball (ten balls total), running forward two balls, do two burpees, then back one ball, five LBCs, etc., all the way across the front of Target. Lots of mumblechatter that this didn’t feel like just a warmup. But we were warmed up by the end, so the title fit.

With the six in, quick mosey to the (semi blocked) roadway between Target and Home Depot for

The Thang

Partner up for a Dora inspired, wall dependent workout. Partner one ran across the street to the broad wall facing Home Depot to complete two wall walks (plank to BTW to plank; aka “wall worm” in the exicon, but it’s one of two definitions, so wall walks was preferred). Partner two found a spot on the Home Depot wall to complete as many reps as possible of the prescribed exercise, When partner one returned, switch places, keep counting reps for a cumulative total.

Exercise breakdown:

100 air humpers with feet on wall (aka “glute bridge”)

200 Rockette chairs (Peoples Chair with alternating leg kicks, single count – it’s a good burn)

300 sit ups with straight legs up the wall (try to touch your toes!)

400 plank wall taps

500 calf raises

All groups made it to the calf raises, but no groups got through all 500 reps (that’s a lot of calf burning) before time demanded a quick mosey back to COT.


  • Read your newsletter
  • Rooster was fun; keep an eye out for other CSAUPs coming up, like the Yeti on Feb. 24 (make an 18-man team if you need to, but try to be a part of it)
  • Read your newsletter

Praises and Prayers

  • Tater’s a grandpa (but he doesn’t know what to call himself). Grandson Fletcher was born at 32 weeks, so he’s in the NICU. Prayers for Fletcher and his parents.
  • Royale’s mom’s surgery went well; prayers for full recovery
  • Royale’s aunt was bit by a dog, so prayers for recovery there too
  • YHC’s in the middle of leading another missionary training that has been filled with bumps; pray for peace and wisdom


I didn’t get to share this at the end – I’m bad about actually having a message during the workout. The words come later.

My word for 2018 is “deeper” – deeper faith, deeper relationships, digging deeper, etc. It seemed innocuous enough when I chose it, but this past week has showed me that it is anything but. In my role of training and equipping new missionaries, I spend countless hours putting together week-long training events that directly affect the lives of people looking to live long-term in cross-cultural ministry. I love what I do, and though I’ll admit that there’s no perfect program, I think we’ve built a pretty good thing here.

So naturally, it’s extremely frustrating when I have to change things, especially last minute.

Like when it snows and the city shuts down on the first day, and I have to somehow provide food and transportation to 11 people. Or when I have to cram a 5-day training into four days without going outside the 9-5 schedule because of childcare constraints. Or when I have to teach somebody else’s session because the presenter has to attend to a family health issue and the backup presenter is out of town. Technology issues, schedule issues, supply issues, the list goes on. Just when I think I’m making progress (two steps forward), something happens and I need to change something (one step back). I feel completely out of control.

All I can do is trust God.

God answers your prayers, but it doesn’t always happen the way you expect.

More trust. Deeper faith.

I’ll let you chew on that.


TClap |

Bring Back the Donkey Kicks

9 Pax and 2 Runners showed up in freezing temps and were ready to get after it. The runners were already off to the races so the rest of us needed to move to warm up.

There was no disclaimer given as there were no FNG’s present, but after NASA pointed it out, YHC relented and gave a brief one while we moseyed (knees to chest, toy soldiers, butt kickers) to the back of the school.

Warm-Up (IC)

15 – SSH
15 – IW
15 – WM
15 – MC
15 – Peter Parkers
15 – Parker Peters

The Thang

We moseyed to the paved hill behind the bus circle for some partner work (size did not matter).

Partner 1 – Lunge walk to the first rock pile. Backward lunge walk to the second pile and run it out the rest of the way up and back down.

Partner 2 – Work on the exercises until partner 1 is back down the hill and flapjack.

Exercises – (50) Burpees, (100) Big boy situps, (200) Squats and (300) LBC’s

We finished up the last 50 LBC’s as a group and then moseyed to the wall for some People’s Chair.

Hold the wall while each Pax counted down from 10.
Hold the wall on one leg while each Pax counted down from 5, switch legs for another countdown.

Mosey to the grass hill for more hill work with 11’s.

**Now the reason for the title of this backblast**. When I started in F3 in September of 2015 it seemed like every bootcamp contained at least 50 donkey kicks. No real thought here but they are terrible and we should do more of them! And so we did…

We started at the bottom with 1 donkey kick and ran up the hill for 10 monkey humpers. 2-9, 3-8, etc…It was as terrible as it sounds and a lot of mumble chatter accompanied our second round of hill work. With time up we slow moseyed back to COT.

Great job by all the Pax. I know my quads were successfully shredded by the time we finished up.

Joe Davis – 1/6
CAH workouts – NASA encouraged everyone to step up and get involved
Read newsletter for upcoming events. Lots of them.

Prayer Requests
Qbert and M are dealing with where God wants them to serve for a church home
Mr. Clean is dealing with some struggles right now and needs to be lifted up
Cerrano has a friend that is expecting and dealing with her husband’s recent passing (30 yrs. old)
Lutefisk’s Mom isn’t doing well and he is traveling to be with her in MN
Unmentioned prayers
Parenting (continue to lift one another up in this important, yet difficult at times, task with which we have been entrusted)

Thanks Bones for the opportunity to lead. Always honored.

Until next time…

TClap |

Red Ball 1000 Challenge

Quick disclaimer – No FNG’s

Rucker’s went North.  Boot Campers headed south.

Warm up mosey to Target Red Balls – Stopped in route for a quick COP.  Lots of mumble chatter.  I let them have there fun, I knew it wouldn’t last.

10 red balls, different exercise at each one.
Run to 1st ball perform exercise, run back to start.
Run to 1st ball perform exercise, Run to 2nd ball, run back to start.
Continue this until you make it through all 10 balls or time runs out.
Breakdown of exercises and cumulative total based on number of rounds completed.

Rounds 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Exercise Reps
1-Burpee’s 10 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
2-LBC’s 20 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180
3-Merkins 20 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160
4-Squats 20 20 40 60 80 100 120 140
5-Freddy Mercury’s 20 20 40 60 80 100 120
6-SSH 30 30 60 90 120 150
7-Hello Dollies 20 20 40 60 80
8-Monkey Humpers 10 10 20 30
9-Carolina Dry Docks 15 15 30
10-Bomb Jacks 10 10
Total Reps 10 40 90 160 250 370 510 660 825 1000

Everyone was really excited until they saw that the first cone was burpee’s.  After a much longer than need explanation we are off.  Solid performance by all.  T-Claps to Bones and Wolverine for completing all stations.

We passed the Rucker’s on the way back to the COT.  All I heard was this thing sucks.  I’m sure they were referencing one or several of the coupons that RAD carries with him everywhere he goes.


Christmas Party – Things to bring
CAH – 36″ or larger Duffle Bag, Alarm Clock, Umbrella
Operation Sweet Tooth – Toy any age – Unwrapped
Regal Manor clubhouse
Deep AO – Change of Time to 7AM – Pusher and Double D on Q
WEP – Main Frame on Q


Challenges in country – Falls from Grace – me Culture
Logan – struggles of being a teenager
Wild Thing – Prayers for M.  Struggles with sleeping
Casey – Still very pregnant
Gears – Podiatrist appointment

TClap |

Modify “only” if Necessary

11 men converged on the Abyss to experience an opportunity to push their limits (and legs).  After the initial “surprise” that there was a Q change due to sickness the mumble chatter began on why staying bed that morning may have been a better option.

A short disclaimer and “sermon” was given about why we get up at 4:30 to exercise and how it is our choice how we leave the workout.  Better than when we arrived…. or the same.  I reminded the men that they always had the choice to modify but that to use it “only” when necessary not just because it is an option.

Warm up (typical stretches and shenanigans)

Pavement Hill Work

  • Lunges to top (mosey down)
  • Basketball shuffle
  • One direction halfway- Switch other half
  • High knees and butt kickers on way down
  • Reverse lunges halfway- sprint second half
  • High knees and Butt Kickers on way down
  • Sprint to top and do 3 Burpees
  • Mosey down

Move over to Parking lot

Bear Crawls to each goal (4)

  • 1st goal- 20 squats
  • 2nd goal- 20 LBCs
  • 3rd goal- 5 Burpees

Broad Jump to each goal (3)

  • 1st goal- 10 merkins
  • 2nd goal- 10 wide merkins
  • 3rd goal- 10 diamond merkins

Over to benches

  • 30 dips
  • 10 steps ups each leg

Grassy Hill


  • Jump lunges/merkins
  • Go up hill (backwards)
  • Finish with 50 Merkins and final accent up hill to COT.

Every man pushed themselves and  finished strong.  May struggle with stairs and sitting on the throne for a couple of days but left stronger than they arrived.

Shared announcements and Prayers.

TClap |

The under appreciated ruck & boot camp combo pack

Conditions clear and very cold…around 33 degrees at kickoff


Quick discussion on the combo workout and modify as needed

and walk off…about half had rucks…make large pile of rucks…near Office depot


Partner up

Partner 1 run .33 mile, partner 2 does exercises…and then flapjack

Round one ruck curls, ruck upright rows, ruck curls, ruck upright rows…each partner got 4 turns at running…mumblechatter stalled…it started to suck…so as a good Q, I made bad into worse…

Partner 1 run .33 with ruck (crowd pleaser) while other partner exercises…and then flapjack

Round two squats, LBC, squats, LBC

Mumblechatter quickly turned into “bitching”…

Same partner, smaller lap, flying squirrels for each

Mosey to COT area

60 seconds of flying squirrels

COT/ Prayer or praise/ BOM

14 #HIM went inside for Romans 13



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