Tires, sledgehammers, dumbbells and ropes

I saw that Royale was on Q once again so I decided to step up and steal the Q from him, great opportunity to lead a group of 19 PAX that decided to get better. Jedi, Olaf and Cha-Ching went for a pre run unaware of the beat down that was planned staring at 5:15.

Quick disclaimer  and welcomed one FNG (Hawkeye)

We started the warm up with a 2 minute run around the parking lot and then circled up for the following:

20 Windmills

20 LBC’s

20 side straddle hops

10 worst merkin ever, non stop from werkin to merkin to derkin

We moseyed to the boat-trailer parking lot  for the real thing, quick explanation of the workout, we had 4 station/corner setup,  we split into groups 1 to 4 and one group went to each corner, from station  1 to 2 and 3 to 4 we run, from station 2 to 3 and 4 to 1 we bear crawled, exercises were listed as follow:


-> 15 big boy sit ups

-> 20 rosalitas

-> 30 Sledgehammer swings (15 each side)

-> 30 Heel Touches SC

-> 30 Dying Cockroach SC


-> 10 two hand triceps ext

-> 15 two hand biceps curls

-> 25 dumbbell swing

-> 30 Makhtar N’Diayes

-> 50 Carolina drydocks


-> 10  Tire flips

-> 15  Low slow squats IC

-> 20 lateral lunges  (10 each side)

-> 30 jump squats

-> 50 calf raises


-> 10 diamond merkins

-> 15 wide arm merkins

-> 20 regular merkins

-> 30 battle rope wave SC

-> 40 plank jacks

-> 50 Shoulder taps

Each group was able to complete 7 stations (one full round of all 4 station plus 3 stations depending on the order each group started), timing was of the essence, first full round was completed in about 17 minutes (26 minutes into the workout) but exhaustion sat in and second round took longer, everyone pushed themselves hard and that “extra 40%” effort was burned during the second round.

With 2 minutes to spare we sprint back to COT for announcements, prayers and praises.

Welcome back Brickhouse and FNG Hawkeye!!

Tinsel out…

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Tour de Poopdeck

12 PAX posted on a chilly morning.

YHC started everyone off jogging then realized the disclaimer had been forgotten. Jogging stopped. Disclaimer made. Off moseying again + butt kickers, high knees, and karaokes.


  • SSH, Windmills, MNCs, Finkle Swings (leg stretch – think Ray Finkle… or is it Einhorn?)

The Thang:

Jacob’s Ladder

  • We moseyed to a hill behind the bounce and bowl. Start at the bottom. Do 9 LBCs. Run up the hill and do 1 burpee. Run down, do 8 LBCs. Run up, 2 burpees. Buprees increase, LBCs decrease until you do 9 burpees and 1 LBC. Mosey to the front corner of the shopping center.

Lt. Dans for the length of the shopping center

  • Lunge, lunge, squat. rinse and repeat until you get to the last pillar. There was a good amount of mumble chatter for this one.

Modified Bataan Death March to the flagpole

  • Indian run where the last man stops to do 3 merkins before running to the front of the line. He taps the 6 while passing him, and the 6 then drops to do 3 merkins. Rinse and repeat until destination reached.

Shared some quick thoughts on victory (see below).

Bear Crawl ROF around the flagpole

  • PAX circle the flag and bear crawl around it 1 Lap. Everyone planks while each man takes turns doing 3 merkins. Repeat 3 times.


  • 60 seconds of rapid step-ups onto the curb, followed by 30 secs of rest. Repeat 3 times.

Modified Bataan Death March to the shovel flag

Royale came to pick up turkeys for the Paradise community, and joined in for Freddy Mercuries to bring us to 6:00am.



We talked about a little-known monument at the Poopdeck that honors Col. Thomas Neel and his family. Col. Neel was a veteran of the Revolutionary war, who fought in NC, SC, FL, and GA. He defended Charleston against the British in the siege of 1779. He was also a statesman, in the SC Provincial Congress and the NC Assembly. While Col. Neel is memorialized as a man of victory on multiple fronts, there is also a somber inscription on the monument that his wife, Jean Spratt Neel, was captured by Shawnees, murdered, and scalped.

We are a group of focused men who strive to make each other better. Victory is something that is not foreign to many of us. But are we being victorious in the right things? Are we building monuments to ourselves (careers, projects, egos) while at the same time our relationships with God, and our family suffer? Being victorious in the right things is just as important as being victorious. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul?


Thanks to Wild Thing of the opportunity to lead.



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Not Too Much Running

So 8 Pax showed up at the Deep for a muggy 78 degree early morning beatdown.  Cha Ching asked if there was going to be a lot of running, to which YHC responded, “Not too much” (We will come back to that).

No FNG’s were present but a short disclaimer was given anyway to ensure the PAX knew they weren’t being led by a professional.  With that, we were off for a mosey around the back of the school with butt kickers, high knees and toy soldiers.

Warm Up

15 – SSH
15 – IW
15 – Mountain Climbers
15 – Peter Parkers
15 – Parker Peters
20 Moroccan Night Clubs (Cadence called by my 2.0, Omaha, which was really cool)

The Thang

Mosey to the parking lot on the side of the school for some 4 corners

We spent a minute talking about discipline and using our time exercising to think of areas of our lives where we lack discipline and need to make improvements.

5 Kraken Burpees in the center, head to a corner, perform the exercise and back to the center for 5 Kraken Burpees, etc…

Corner 1 – 30 Carolina Dry Docks
Corner 2 – 30 LBC’s
Corner 3 – 30 Jumping Lunges (each leg with lot of mumble chatter)
Corner 4 – 30 Diamond Merkins

Rinse and Repeat X 2 (Audible for 15 jumping lunges each leg and 20 diamonds for subsequent repeats)

Mosey to the side of the school and grab some wall for People’s Chair

Pax 1 bear crawl to the track (15 yds.) for 5 squats, next Pax, etc…
Rinse and Repeat X 3 and alternating on one legs holds for the repeats
Final Wall Exercise, hold BTTW until failure. Nice job Brickhouse for leading the way!

Mosey to the elementary track for some running (not too much)

Pax were instructed to run a mile at their own pace. Each lap was to be preceded by 5 Kraken Burpees. Sort of a Kraken Burpee mile. After all of the Pax finished, and great job to all, we moseyed back across the street for stretching and COT.

The Moleskin

Thanks to all the PAX for enduring more running than I thought I had planned. When we finished up, my watch read 3.1 miles. My “not too much” running ended up being more than usual. Sorry Cha Ching for the unintentional false advertising.

As we circled up we finished with a few words on discipline. As we think about our lives and all of the good things that we have to be thankful for, including those areas where we are very well disciplined (like coming to a workout on a Saturday morning), we are forced to think about the area(s) of our lives where we lack that same discipline. Hint: The area(s) we have much work to do are those that we repeatedly ask for forgiveness from God and/or others. The writer of Hebrews refers to it as “the sin that so easily besets us”. If we ask God for help in these areas, he will surely offer help. We just have to ask.


Brickhouse – upcoming adoption
Cobra Kai and wife Jennifer’s recent test results
Injured Pax
Tater and ongoing trials with his eye. Prayers that the latest treatment will help.
Cornerstone’s daughter Emma and ongoing treatment

Great job guys! Thanks Royale for the opportunity to lead!


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