Block Party Beat Down

I was excited to Q Block Party after the co-Q at The Fort on Sat.  I arrived early and saw 7 runners take off at 5:00 sharp with Bird Cage leading the way down the back trail.  Cars began to file in and the cars kept coming.  I wasn’t expecting a large crowd and then I heard that CSPAN was still in town and was coming to Block Party so I knew there would be a big and rowdy crowd on hand.

Once we hit 5:15, no FNG’s were present so a short disclaimer and off we moseyed.  Since the park has several obstacles littering the grass from the festival, I was going outside of the park.  We moseyed to the first parking lot up front and circled up.

  • Imperial Walkers
  • SSH
  • Arm circles front and back
  • arm stretch across body
  • mountain climber
  • slow merkin – 3 count down, 3 count hold, 3 count up

Mosey over to the sidewalk and wall near Springs Global.  3 exercises , 3 sets, decreasing reps each set.

  • Dips – Reps –  25/20/15
  • Derkins –         20/15/10
  • Step-UPS –     30/20/10

Mosey to the big hill and meet at the top parking lot.  3 excercises, 15 reps each, then run to bottom of the hill and come back up the hill backwards.

  • Squats/Monkey Humpers/Calf Raises
  • Slow Merkin/MNN/O/H Clap
  • Flutter/ Big Boy Sit-up/Hello Dolly

Mosey back to the sidewalk and wall where we started and do one more set of  dips and derkins 20 & 15.  Mosey back to the park. Since we had a few minutes left I decided to take a lap around the park on the path for an added bonus.  We ended back at the parking lot for set of LBC’s.

This was a great morning and I enjoyed the chatter and hard work.  Through the Q Source, I have been motivated to look for ways to continue to accelerate  in all areas.  I shared with the group that I have been successful in accelerating in King, Queen and Jester control, but the last 4 weeks the QSource was focused on Faith.  I was convicted that I am not accelerating in study and recognize the need to have my shield locks there to hold me accountable and provide the push I need.  I asked everyone to think of where they need to accelerate and who are they going to have beside them to hold them accountable.

Thanks Esso for the opportunity to Q and lead the Pax.


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3 PAX, 1 Route

3 PAX.  1 Route. Warm early morning for a run.  Spring is gone.  It is now summer.

There are times when posting to an AO that big numbers mean big impact.  Here to tell you that impact knows no such constraint.  Running gives the opportunity for real discussion and relationship building.  And if you run with the same guys enough, you will get sharpened, wiser, tougher, humbled, confronted and better.  Today’s run was the epitome of an “impact run”.   Negative splits and deep convo, made for a 5.3 miler feel like a walk in the park.  Yet again, F3 is more than a workout!


Funhouse (proxy for Gecko)…. someone had to write it…..

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7 for the flatest route possible in Tega Cay

7 PAX showed up for day 16 of Ass Kickin’ April.  The Carowoods loop was selected as the route of choice. 5.25 miles of mostly flat.  Safety was brought up this morning.  It should be brought up at every run AO if crossing streets and busy intersections.  Trust No one (driving at 0500).

COT: Safe travels, safe returns and safe deliveries (Falcon Crest’s M bringing in another shortie hopefully next week!).  Easter!

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14 men kicked off their Friday morning with a good sweat at The Swamp.  About 1/2 left with their rucks, and the rest of them did this:

The Thang:

Short mosey up and around one of the  large parking lots,  and stop in the front of the Sprint store for COP:

SSHx25,merkin x 10,  IW x 20, windmill x 15, squat x 20, small arm circles (20 F/20R), large arm circle (10F/10R).

Take a lap around the parking lot and stop at the same spot for Tabata:  8 exercises, 8 sets of each exercise, 20 secs per set, and 10 secs rest in between each set.  The exercises were:

  1.  Carolina Dry Dock
  2. Flutters
  3. Squats
  4. Mountain climbers
  5. Freddie Mercury
  6. Jumping Lunges
  7. Merkins
  8. LBC’s


This is my ‘go to’ workout when I have no time to plan a workout.   I accepted the Q invitation from Cha Ching last week, and I didn’t look at the date.  When the reminder came through on Tuesday, I thought,’ oh crap, not this week!’  Work and family obligations have been especially challenging lately,  and I was not planning on squeezing in anything else this week.  But, I canceled on Cha Ching the last time he scheduled me, and I didn’t want to do it a 2nd time.  So, the Tabata fit the bill.  You can make this workout as hard as you like depending on which exercises you pick.  Today’s workout was about in the middle of the tough scale and I designed it to suit my current fitness level and my sore knee.

There was very little mumble chatter today, save for one moment when one of the Pax let out a rather loud release of gas  (not sure who).  Someone said, ‘dude, you may want to check that’,  and the response was ‘no, I’m good.’  That made me laugh.  Not sure why fart humor still makes mature men crack up.

We had a good crowd today and it was nice to see some new and familiar faces, and also a banged up face (hope you are feeling better Jedi).    I’m glad I was able to fit in this Q and, as always,  it was a privilege to lead such a fine group of men.

Announcements/prayers and praises:

This month is Mental Health Awareness month.

Prayers for Twister’s niece who committed suicide, Cornerstones daughter, and Senator T’s mother.


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Productivity at it’s Best @ Alcatraz

  • Had the luxury of Co-Qing this fine Saturday morning w/ Corn Hole at Alcatraz.  I sent John my 1/2 of the workout a couple days in advance so he could decide if he wanted to ignore what I planned and do his own thing or make it complementary.  He choose the first option, and completely ignored the exercises of the 2nd half and made it extra spicy by incorporating a ton of burpees and legs right off the bat.

Here it is –

Took a mosey around the outer perimeter of the ball field and made our way back to the starting point for a typical warm up.  Standard John stuff – you know, about 100 side straddle hops and then I forgot what happened after given how smoked my calves were.

From there he took us through the 4 corner accumulator / deccumulator.  Starting on one corner of the parking lot we did:

  1. 5 burpees, then lunge walk to next corner
  2. 5 burpees + 10 merkins then bear crawl to next corner
  3. 5 burpees + 10 merkins + 15 squats then lunge walk to next corner
  4. 5 burpees + 10 merkins + 15 squats + 20 SSH then bear crawl to 1st corner again
  5. 5 burpees + 10 merkins + 15 squats + 20 SSH + 25 LBC’s then bear crawl back to 4th corner
  6. Decummulator time – remove the LBC’s and do the other 4 exercises above, + lunge walk to 3rd corner
  7. Remove the 20 SSH and do the rest, then bear crawl to 2nd corner
  8. Remove the squats, ado the rest, lunge walk to first corner
  9. Remove the merkins and do the burpees

Yikes – that’s 45 burpees, 70 merkins, 75 squats, 60 SSH, 25 LBC’s and a crap ton of bear crawls / lunge walks in a small window.

Transitioned over to my half of the Q and we hit the ball field.  It was still soaked from the monsoon the day before and the field guy was out there getting it fixed up for the day’s games.  Had to quickly modify my 4 corners on the field to do just one side of the field not make him angry.  Here’s what we did:

Starting on one side of the field, we jog a 1/3 of  the length of the field, and then sprint the remaining 2/3 of the field then do an exercise:

  1. 50 squats.  Jog a 1/3, sprint 2/3 then
  2. 50 merkins.  Jog a 1/3, sprint  2/3 then
  3. 50 jump knee tucks.  jog a 1/3, sprint 2/3 then
  4. 10 burpees

Next up, we head to to the retaining wall behind the back stop of the baseball field in the far corner.  We do an exercise on the wall, then do another exercise down the fence line (full length of field) and then back to do another exercise on the wall.

  1. 20 dips, then power skips down the length of the field and back
  2. 20 derkins then side shuffle down the length of the field and back
  3. 20 step-ups per leg then back pedal the length of the field and sprint back
  4. 10 burpees then jog back to the parking lot

From there, we got down in a plank position and did alternating sets of carolina dry docks and merkins, then sumo squats and narrow squats:

  1. 11 CDD, 10 merkins, 9 CDD, 8 merkins, 7 CDD, 6 merkins, 5 CDD, 4 merkins, 3 CDD, 2 merkins, 1 CDD (36 CDD’s and 30 merkins all at once – holy smoke show)
  2. 11 sumo squats, 10 narrow, 9 sumo, 8 narrow, 7 sumo, 6 narrow, 5 sumo, 4 narrow, 3 sumo, 2 narrow, 1 sumo (36 sumos and 30 narrow squats back to back to back)

Had about 5 minutes left, so hit hill on the road off of Tega Cay Drive for some big boys and merkins.

  1. 10 big boys, run down the hill, 1 merkin, back pedal up hill
  2. 9 big boys, run down hill, 2 merkins, back pedal hill
  3. 8 big boys, run down hill, 3 merkins, back pedal hill
  4. 7 big boys, run down hill, 4 merkins, back pedal hill…and we ran out of time.

Back at COT, we had a couple prayer / praise reports, and half the folks headed over to Change Order’s house for some Q source discussions.  So awesome to see our boys Crash and On the Rocks get back out there – been way too long fellas.  Thanks for the effort today – great work by all.  Until next time.

Cha Ching


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What….Gecko has a Ruck on?

20 PAX came to the Swamp this morning to push themselves physically, bond socially, and encourage each other into the weekend.  8 men chose the boot camp option and 12 chose an option to Ruck.  After the initial shock that Gecko was standing there with a Ruck sack on we divided up and began the workout.

Boot Camp

Warm up

Mosey to (future) Tuesday Morning Parking lot

  • Windmills
  • Sumo Squats
  • Moroccan Night Clubs
  • Weed Pickers
  • Seal Jacks
  • Plank
  • Downward Dog….Honeymooner

The Thang

Using the red balls of Target I had placed a piece of paper with two exercises on them. The top exercise was done at the ball and the second was the mode of transportation to the next ball.

Ball One

  • Merkins
  • Bear Crawl

Ball Two

  • Squats
  • Lunge

Ball Three

  • Peter Parker
  • Crab Walk

Ball Four

  • Reverse Lunge
  • Broad Jump

Ball Five

  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Crawl Bear

Ball Six

  • Sumo Squat
  • Reverse Lunge

Ball Seven

  • Wide Arm Merkins
  • Side Shuffle

Ball Eight

  • Squat Jump
  • Side Shuffle (flap jack)

Ball Nine

  • Hello Dolly
  • Mosey (back to beginning)

3 Burpees

We repeated this cycle three times with increasing reps.

  • Round 1: 10 reps
  • Round 2: 20 reps
  • Round 3: 30 reps

Mosey back to COT for 4 minutes of Mary.

Joined by the ruckers and did Nameorama, Announcements, Prayers/Praises.

I appreciate the opportunity to lead!


TClap |

Tinsel Utensils at Golden Corral

Perfect weather to bring out some toys to play, I did my regular 4 stations setup where each stations works a particular group of muscles. After the disclaimer we did a quick run and started our warm up:


Moroccan night clubs

Low Slow Squats

Mountain Climbers

Low Slow Merkin

The plan was to finish a full 4 station circuit within 22 minutes and we did, after completion of a station you had to  bear crawl the next one. stations were setup as follow:


30 LBC’s

30 Rosalitas

30 Sledgehammer swings (15 each side)

40 Heel Touches SC

40 Dying Roach SC

20 slam ball to ground with 20# ball


10 burpees

10  Tire flips

20  Monkey Humpers

20 lunges SC

30 low squat (touch the ground with hand)

50 calf raises


10 diamond merkins

15 wide arm merkins

20 regular merkins

30 battle rope wave SC

40 Shoulder taps

40 plank jack



10 man makers

15 biceps curls

20 bent over row

25 overhead press

30 triceps extension

40 shoulder shrug

After about 32 minutes we were done with a full circuit and had the visit of the legendary captain Thor, 1 Big Boy Sit Up and 4 American Hammers, progressive to 10 BBSU and 40 AH, lots of whining during this exercise, one PAX was even offered some cheese to go along with that whine!! After we finished captain Thor it was time to stretch out our backs with superman, we did 2×25 count. With about 5 minutes to spare we lined up next to what used to be Fort Mill BBQ and did some sprints all the way across to the end of the parking lot, after 5 sprints PAX where smoked but we had one minute left so we went for a 6th sprint, not sure if PAX liked it since there was lots of mumble chatter.

We moseyed back to COT for announcements, prayers and praises.

Great push by everyone, good mix of legs, core and upper body work.

Tinsel out…

TClap |

Tinsel’s Birthday month pain fest starts at the swamp

I had the opportunity to sub for Sasquatch, we had 4 bootcampers, 4 ruckers and 6 runners.

I kindly asked the ruckers to join the BC but they declined the invitation to our pain fest.

After a quick disclaimer, Mile High, Cha Ching, Copyright and YHC moseyed for about 1/3 of a mile and did the warm up:

Side straddle hops, windmills, moroccan night clubs,  low slow squats and some cherry pickers.

Following the warm up we moseyed to the stairs next to the back of Just Fresh where some props had been dropped earlier, we started the following with a run up and down the stairs after completion of one circuit:

8 Carolina Dry Docks

8 man makers w/block or weights

8 sledgehammer swing each side

8 worst merkin ever W-R-D

8 touch ground squat

8 biceps curls w/block or weights

8 shoulder tap each side

2 tire flips

After 3 circuits we took a “break” and run around the block were Omega sports used to be to comeback to the stairs and props for 2 more rounds of pain.

With 3 minutes in we found a grassy area for some superhero workout: supermans and the famous Captain Thor, lots of mumble chatter here, one PAX commented that it was the hardest mary he has ever donebut never gave up.

With two minutes to spare we run back to COT to meet the runners and ruckers.

We finished up with announcements, prayers and praises.

Great work by everyone!!

Tinsel out… until the next day


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CROSSROADS – Preparation for Easter – aka Lent

As Spring approaches one of the most significant days that kicks off Spring and then Summer is EASTER.

Do we really grasp the importance of Easter and what it means, not only for Christianity but for all people??

Crossroads is going to take the 7 weeks leading up to Easter looking at the key events of what is called HOLY WEEK. The Sunday to Sunday movements of Jesus and his followers that led to his death and resurrection on Easter which we celebrate annually.

Here is our schedule of Qs and the Holy Week day they will cover:

  • 3/5 – Cake Boss – Sunday also known as Palm Sunday
  • 3/12 – Gecko – Monday clearing of Temple & others
  • 3/19 – Twister – Tuesday Fig tree & Temple controversies
  • 3/26 – Sugar Daddy – Wednesday Plans to kill Jesus
  • 4/2 – Double D – Thursday – Last Supper & Gethsemane
  • 4/9 – Pusher – Friday Trial, Death & Burial of Jesus
  • 4/12 – Flat Tire AT CHICKENNWIZDIM – Easter Sunday The Empty Tomb!

Don’t miss out on this chance to understand this event and how it applies to each one of us…..not just a story but something that directly includes each of us!!


Cake Boss

TClap |

3 Men and a Baby

Four men (three respects and one ‘no respect’) joined together on a fine SC morning to get their daily feast at the Golden Corral.  Here is what they did:

The Thang:

Mosey out of the HT shopping center to the new apartment complex behind Express Oil Change. Circle up for COT:

All in cadence:  SSH x 40, Potato picker x 15, Merkin x 10, Squat x 20, Windmill x 15, Imperial Walker x 20, Carolina Dry Dock x 10/move to a regular plank/6″ hold/regular/left arm, leg high/flip over, 10 dips/right arm, leg high/flip over to regular plank.  Rinse and repeat whole sequence without taking a knee.

Mosey to the alley between HT and O’Reilly Auto parts.

Starting at the front of Harris Teeter,  sprint to the end of the building and back, and immediately go to people’s chair along the side of  HT.  Rinse and repeat 4 more times.   After the first set, while we sat against the wall, we  took turns telling each other what our F3 name means, who named us, and how long we’ve been in F3.

Line up along the HT wall,  assume the BTTW position and hold it.  Climb down, bear crawl over to the O’Reilly building, assume the BTTW position, and hold it.  Climb down and bear crawl back to the start.  Rinse and repeat (crowd pleaser).

Mosey to the parking area near the new Green Olive Grill restaurant.  Using the parking lines as a guide, make your way to the last parking line by sprinting forward, and side shuffling across the parking lines in a zig-zag fashion.  Rinse and repeat three more times.

Take a short mosey and circle up for 9 minutes of Mary:

Freddie Mercury x 25,  Pretzel crunch x 10L/10R, Flutter x 25, Superman hold x 3, LBC x 25, Hello Dolly x 25.  End with the BODY DESTROYER


Naked Man Moleskin

Had a good time with the 3 gents who joined me this morning.   The 3 men and a baby is a reference to the three ‘respects’ in the group today (Cornhole, Gecko, and YHC) and Lutefisk, our warbaby.  Smaller F3 workout groups usually lend themselves to more personal mumble chatter and today we took time to learn about the origin of each other’s F3 name.  Cornhole’s name is a reference to his upbringing in Iowa and his alma mater, Nebraska (Cornhuskers).  Gecko works for Merril Lynch and refers to Gordon Gekko from the movie, Wall Street.  Lutefisk hails from MN and Lutefisk is a Scandinavian dish (dried fish soaked in a lye brine).  I lived in MN for a couple years about 30 years ago and remember trying this fish once.  It’s something you don’t forget.  Anyway,   YHC was at Lutefisk’s first workout at the Colosseum and tagged him with that name.  You can read about the origin of my name, Senator Tressel, by reading the Alcatraz backblast from January 19th.

To provide a little change of scenery, we did COP near the clubhouse of the new Evolve, apartment complex behind the Express Lube.  The clubhouse has an indoor gym and YHC tried to EH a guy who was headed to the gym for a morning workout on the treadmill (BORING).    Perhaps the next Q should take the Pax to the same location in the coming weeks and see if he can get some of those apartment dwellers to join our ranks.  They really don’t know what they are missing.   Today was a great morning spent with my friends and the best way, hands down, to start each day!

Announcements, prayers,  and praises:

Read your newsletter:  lots of running events coming up (Joe Davis, Operation Sweetooth, Yeti, Rooster)

Prayers for a daughter of a friend of Cornhole’s who suffered a stroke and bad car accident.

Prayers for Gekko’s son in college.

Prayers for Lutefisk’s father who is struggling in a new relationship.

Prayers for YHC’s upcoming surgery and recovery.


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