RPG Broga

20 Minutes of Broga and then we ran down to the green sewer light and turned into Keswick to do laps.  3 miles in all.  Wrapped up with a little Mary.

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A cat, a cow and a 7 minute mile

Things Funhouse and Fishsticks did Friday morning.

We began with a 20 minute broga warm-up with a solid lead from Basso …. errrrr …. Sasquatch.

The other thang:

I trot along the avenue
I never thought I’d meet a turn like you
Meet nine turns like you

With crazy 90 degree turns and blind corners
The massive number of turns confused me through
They confused me through

And I ran
I ran so many turns
I just ran
I ran both left and right
I couldn’t find my way

A turn appears in front of you
I wish the route was explained better by you
Just simply a turn or two

And I ran
I ran so many turns
I just ran
I ran both left and right
I couldn’t find my way

Looks like we made it,

Barry Manilow

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Broga/RPG – Blame it on the Rain!!

5 for Broga under the Bank Drive Thru lanes (Stay in your Lane Bro)

4 for quick run to Regent Park Tennis Courts and back

YHC had Q of RPG and ChicknWizdim so lucked out that the PAX avoided the rain and Bass O Matic and I got about a 3mi run and then out so I could make to Chick-filet in time

Thanks for the Q Bass and awesome time with Broga!!


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Variety Hour!


Thank you, Bassomatic, for allowing me to lead. It was a fun Variety Hour!

20 minutes of BROGA!!

4 parts:

  • Basic yoga – downward dog, upward dog, warrior 1, 2, 3, . . .
  • Posture yoga
  • Leg and hip stretches
  • Balance poses

40 minutes of running:

We headed down Regent Park Pkwy to the end of the sidewalk, ran back a bit and crossed street at nearest road on other side (Savion homes(?)).

In back of Savion homes, ran 2 long sprints (0.4 miles). 3 out of 4 of us weren’t “feelin’ it” so we ran back to COT.

Total run distance: 2.8 miles

COT: Cool praises, thanksgivings; prayers; reminder of 8k at Alcatraz manana

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Run through the RP

Broga – with the Squatch out of town, Bass O Magic stepped in to lead the crew in some Broga….I’m sure we all felt like we were yogis, perfectly stretching and contorting ourselves into positions that would enable enlightenment.  I can only imagine the cars driving by at 5:00 am saw something entirely different.

Run – once limber, YHC led 5 of the 7 of us on a casual tour of Regent Park, including a pass-by of YHC’s new abode. Not sure what the other  2 PAX did,  but they smelled of bacon and stale Waffle House coffee upon our return.  Our tour consisted of 3.25 miles at ~9:00/mile pace, with some great conversation.  Also completed some Mary upon the return.

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