Another beautiful, slightly cool morning as the PAX assembled at the buffet. 5:15 hit and we broke up into bootcampers and ruckers. Disclaimer was given and off we moseyed to behind Teeter. Circle up for normal warmups: SSH (20), HW (20), Low slow squats (15), Windmill (10), Peter Parker (10), Parker Peter (10), MNC (20).

Mosey over to water fountain behind apartments. Spread out around it and then bear crawl around entire fountain circle. Take a couple of steps over to bottom of hill. Time for deconstructed burpee ladder: squat thrusters (I’m sure they have some F3 name I’m missing), jump squats, & merkins. Do same number of these at bottom of hill, run to top of hill, do remainder of ladder, then run back to bottom and plank for the 6 before next round.

  • R1 -> Bottom = 20/20/20, Top = 0/0/0
  • R2 -> Bottom = 15/15/15, Top = 5/5/5
  • R3 -> Bottom = 10/10/10, Top = 10/10/10
  • R4 -> Bottom = 5/5/5, Top = 15/15/15
  • R5 -> Bottom = 0/0/0, Top = 20/20/20

Mosey back to small traffic circle in front of apartments. Circle up, all PAX doing lunges. One by one each PAX did 4 burpees. After we made it around the circle, 20 CDDs & 20 Flutters.

Mosey to side lot and break into 2 lines for sprints. Line 1 sprint to end of building, line 2 take off once line 1 gets 3/4 down. 4 sets of sprints. Time for some ab work. 10 small circles clockwise, 10 small circles counter-clockwise, 10 box-cutters. 4 more sets of sprints and some more abs: 10 toe-touch LBCs, 10 hello-dollies, & 10 rosalitas.  Times almost up, one final sprint, all you got back to COT.

Great work by all the PAX today. It’s always encouraging to see some new faces, several old faces, and some guys coming back from IR. Always an honor lead this group! Thanks Decibel for the opportunity.


TClap |

Accumulator Around Rite-Aid

7 boot campers and 5 ruckers launched after YHC gave an “official” disclaimer (as per suggestion from Chaser on the weekly F3 round table conference call).  Boot campers were led by Hootie for a mosey around the parking lot, then circled up for COP warm-up.

  • SSH x20
  • Moroccan Nightclubs x10
  • Imperial Walkers x10
  • Merkins x10
  • Low Slow Squats x10
  • Windmills x10

The Thang

Handoff to YHC for a mosey over to the Rite-Aid for the main event.  We stumbled on 6 cones (each with an exercise) that would be the instructions for this part of the workout.  Each “round” would consist of running around the building, performing the appropriate exercise(s) at each corner, then planking up for the 6 so we all start the next round together.

Round 1- 1 burpee at each corner (running between corners)
Round 2 – 1 burpee, 2 crab jacks at each corner
Round 3 – 1 burpee, 2 crab jacks, 3 run stance switch
Round 4 – 1 burpee, 2 crab jacks, 3 run stance switch, 4 merkins
Round 5 – 1 burpee, 2 crab jacks, 3 run stance switch, 4 merkins, 5 plank jacks
Round 6 – 1 burpee, 2 crab jacks, 3 run stance switch, 4 merkins, 5 plank jacks, 6 box cutters
Round 7 – 2 crab jacks, 3 run stance switch, 4 merkins, 5 plank jacks, 6  box cutters
Round 8 – 3 run stance switch, 4 merkins, 5 plank jacks, 6 box cutters
Round 9 – 4 merkins, 5 plank jacks, 6  box cutters
Round 10 – 5 plank jacks, 6  box cutters
Round 11 – 6  box cutters

We managed to get all 11 rounds in before heading to COT. For those curious about the numbers:
24 burpees
48 crab cakes
72 run stance switch
96 merkins
120 plank jacks
144 box cutters
Total Distance run: 1.8 miles

Excellent work by all pax.  Great VQ warm-up by Hootie! Thanks to Decibel for the opportunity to lead.

TClap |

Taking it easy at the Golden Corral

After two Qs last week, YHC’s creativity was all but spent. Nevertheless, when Old Bay asked if I could fill in for Boeheim, I agreed to help. I still have that Twister spinner I made for a previous Q, so I already had something “prepared” in case I didn’t have time to come up with something new.

Not being satisfied with repeating something, I decided to at least update the board a bit (and tried cutting off a finger in the process, so ignore the blood stain if you see it). This will come in handy later, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

14 cold-ish PAX (well, 13, as Cake Boss came rolling in late) posted to Golden Corral before dividing up – six to ruck with Mainframe, Old Bay to run by himself, and seven for the bootcamp. Disclaimer was given (probably my best yet), and off we went. The first couple minutes of the mosey around to the back parking lot were spent explaining what we were not doing: no somersaults, no inverted burpees, no flips, etc. Apparently people get concerned when they find out it’s a Jedi Q. Incorporating knees to chest, butt kickers, and karaoke, we wove around until we found a good spot in the corner of the back parking lot to warm up a bit.


My warmups are getting a bit repetitive, but it seems I feel the need to stretch the hamstrings and open the hips with:

10 windmills IC

10 low slow squats IC

10 hillbilly walkers IC

10 merkins IC

Downward dog with cross body ankle grabs (probably the weirdest move of the day)

Not feeling quite warm enough, we moved over to the curb for some dips and crab cakes, Jack Webb style: one dip and four crab cakes (single count, with hands on curb), all the way up to ten and forty. Our shoulders got nice and toasty, though there were many modifications including a fully-seated version of the crab cake, but since Cake Boss has 60 pound weights at the end of both legs, grace was extended.

Shake it off, then mosey around to the front of Harris Teeter for the remainder of our fun.

The Thang

As mentioned, the Twister spinner made a reappearance for today. Basically, spin the spinner, do the exercise as prescribed, then run across the parking lot to the stop sign and back. Rinse and repeat. The exercises:

Two Arms

Donkey Kick (x20)

Merkins (x20)

Burpees (x10)

Dips (x20)

One Arm

Donkey Kick (x20)

Merkins (x20)

Burpees (x10)

Dips (x20)

Two Legs

Donkey Kick (x20)

Burpees (x10)

Squat Jumps (x20)

Bear Crawl

One Leg

Donkey Kick (x20)

Burpees (x10)

Squat Jumps (x20)

Bear crawl

The first spin resulted in one-arm merkins, which was a real crowd pleaser following the Jack Webb dip/crab cake combo. That, and they’re one-arm merkins. Other exercises completed include burpees (normal, one arm, and one leg), donkey kicks (normal and one leg), dips (normal and one arm), bear crawl (just normal), squat jumps (normal), and merkins (normal). I can’t remember the order, but it was pretty balanced, and there was a lot of running involved, ending with a quick run to COT to meet the ruckers and runner.


  • Read your newsletter
  • Yeti is coming up. Sign up and do it.
  • February second Tuesday lunch will be at Pasquel’s (with either a hard or soft q sound, depending on who you ask) rather than Fort Mill BBQ.
  • Maybe some others, but Decibel was in a hurry.

Praises and Prayers

  • ChaChing’s grandpa passed away over the weekend, so prayers for the family and ChaChing and his wife as they travel north today.
  • Cake Boss’s thirty-something plumber Jason had a stroke (and answered the phone in the hospital)
  • Decibel’s son’s classmate Violet has meningitis
  • Prayers for the community in light of recent events

As always, it was an honor to lead these men, and you can ask any of the bootcamp guys – it wasn’t bad. You need not be afraid of a Jedi Q. We don’t always do weird inverted stuff. Sometimes I need an easy day.


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Christmas Movie Trivia Loop

When Pusher and YHC realized we were co-q’ing Alcatraz, and the weather was predicted to be quite winter-like, we decided a Christmas theme was in order.  But we wanted something a little unique.  So, we landed on Christmas Movie Trivia.

The wintry weather showed up on cue, though more cold and wet than snowy and Christmas-like.  “No matter” said the 12 pax that posted ready for the physical and mental challenges.

Pusher started us off with a jog intentionally avoiding the path around the ball fields.  We moseyed to a few different intersections near the park for various warm-up exercises, including SSHs, merkins, peter parkers, and a few others, while playing a little frogger.

We then moseyed to the bottom of a steep hill and partnered up (size no matter).  Partner 1 took the hill, while partner 2 held a squat.  Flapjack.  Repeat 2 additional times.

We then moseyed up the hill half way, and lunged the rest of the way.  Pusher then took us back to the parking lot where we started and turned it over to YHC.

We moseyed around the parking lot, then to the path that circles the park, where the first of about 30 cones was sitting (each about 10-20 yards apart, all along the path).  And so began the Christmas Movie trivia challenge.  Here’s how it worked:

  • On each cone was a trivia question.  Upon arrival to the cone, the question was read aloud.
  • While pax pondered and discussed the question, an exercise was performed, which was dependent on the movie.  Here were the exercises (some of which we didn’t get to):
    • A Christmas Carol – 10 high jumps
    • A Christmas Story – 10 Plank Jacks
    • Christmas Vacation – 10 Mountain Climbers
    • Christmas With The Kranks – 10 Bombjacks
    • Deck The Halls – 10 Plank Punches
    • Four Christmases – 10 Sumo Squats
    • Elf (My Favorite!) – 10 Squat Jacks
    • Ernest Saves Christmas – 15 Hillbilly Walkers
    • Holiday Inn – 10 Morning Wood
    • How The Grinch Stole Christmas – 10 Russian Twists
    • It’s A Wonderful Life – 10 Dry Docks
    • Jingle All The Way – 10 Run Stance Switch
    • Nightmare Before Xmas – 10 Crab Cakes
    • Miracle On 34th Street – 10 Merkins
    • The Polar Express – Bearcrawl to next cone
    • Scrooged – 10 Monkey Humpers
    • The Santa Clause – 10 Chop Sticks
    • Santa Claus: The Movie – 10 Speed Skaters
    • White Christmas – 10 Donkey Kicks
  • Once the exercise was done, pax had to agree on an answer.
    • If the answer was correct, pax moved on to the next cone
    • If the answer was not correct, pax had to do one or more penalty exercises.  Here’s how the penalties worked:
      • 1st incorrect answer – 10 burpees
      • 2nd consecutive incorrect answer (i.e. at next cone) – 10 burpees AND 100 yard run
      • 3rd (or more) consecutive incorrect answer (3 cones in a row)- 10 burpees AND 100 yard run AND 10 merkins
      • After the penalty was served, pax moved on to the next cone

We got through about 25 cones (with a score of about 50%) before running out of time.  The questions were tough, and thus we clocked in over 100 burpees.  I won’t post the questions/answers here in case any pax want to reuse this weinke, or a variant thereof (contact me on twitter if you’d like the questions and answers).


It was a privilege for Pusher and YHC to lead the workout at Alcatraz.  Pusher talked about how thankful we are for F3 and the amazing HIMs that make it so great, including and especially the pax posting to Alcatraz.  For me, what has made F3 so life changing isn’t the organization, or structure, or exercises or cool gear; it is the men of F3 that invested their time into “FNGs”, long after their first post.

If you are a man that a fellow F3 pax has invested time into, my encouragement to you (and to me) is to find a pax in F3 that could benefit from you pouring into them.


TClap |

Visitors at the Prison

Alcatraz was full of the normal Saturday chatter with the expected return of F3 Aquaman.  In addition, F3 Prosciutto was visiting from Chattanooga, TN with an FNG in tow.  His name, Heater, given based on his pre-workout  ritual.  On the Rocks led with the disclaimer and a lap around the field.  Next, we ran several rounds on sprints and circled up for the following warm-up exercises:


Imperial Walker




Next, we ran over to the baseball field and split into two groups.  The first group bear crawled to second base while the second group performed wall sits.  We switched up after the completion of the exercises.  Next, the first group ran to the outfield fence while the other group performed balls to the wall (switched when complete).

We then circled up for a merkin wave up to ten, followed by a crowd favorite, the grave digger.  On the Rocks finished with the merkin caterpillar.

Next, we headed to the hill to reduce some of the chatter from the regulars.  We ran to the bottom of the hill and waited for all to reach the bottom.  The group was instructed to sprint to the top of the hill.  After a quick ten count, we split into teams of two.  The first person ran to the bottom of the hill and back to the top while the other person performed an exercise (merkins, squats, LBCs).  Once complete, they switched.

After a couple ten counts, we moseyed to the landscape timbers for derkins, step-ups, and more LBCs.  We finished up in the parking lot with some paver exercises (overhead presses, curls, burpees, and LBCs).

Great job by all.  I mentioned during the workout that this time of year is very difficult for some people due to events in their lives, issues with depression, struggles with substance abuse.  I challenged each person reach out to these family members or friends and tell them you love and care about them.  These simple words go a long way.

TClap |

20 pax made it out to the golden corral for some bootcamp, ruck, and run.  Rad had a good showing for what looked like a heavy ruck.

A proper disclaimer was made (thanks to dark helmet’s Q school) and we mosied around HT for cop.
SSH x 25
Morracan Night Clubs x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20
Low slow squats x 15
Merkins x 15
Peter Parkers x 25
Windmills x 15
The thang
Mosied over to the front of HT and bear crawled/crab walked to the first cone for four cotners, breaking it up with 10 merkins and 20 LBCs.
Four Corners (three rounds)
1st cone with Cindy – OHP x 25/ Bent over rows x 25/ Curls and tricep extrnsions x 25. Nomad got angry and smashed a block.
2nd cone – Burpees x 10/ Burpees x 10/ Kracken Burpees x 10
3rd cone – Squat jumps x 20/ Lunges x 20/ sumo squats x 20
4th cone – Seal jacks x 30/ Plank jacks x 30 / Bomb jacks x 30
Finished with wall sits with everyone doing one more kracken burpee down the line, and a failed attempt at BTTW by YHC who ate pavement, and finally 10 minutes of Mary led by all nine PAX.
As usual, read your newsletter.   Upcoming Icebreaker in York, the Rooster in Rock Hill, and light and heavy rucks.  2nd F at fort mill BBQ at noon.
Prayers and praises.
Thanks Decibel for the opportunity
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OG Launch at The Fort

13 pax posted at The Fort on a cool fall morning for the launch of Bonzai’s month of #OG Qs.  Decibel and YHC were honored to kick things off.  No FNGs on this morning, so with little delay we launched following a brief intro and Disclaimer.

The Thang (DD leading)

Warm up jog along the path, past the playground and to the grassy area along 160 by the WEP sign.

COP – IWs, SSH, Windmills, Merkins, Monkey humpers, Mtn climber, Peter Parkers, 10 burpees OYO

Line up even with the sign facing the street

Karaoke to first tree and back

Side shuffle to first tree and back

Run to far end of park near houses (4 trees away), accelerating pace at each tree.

Muster along the path facing with challenge to take the hill — bear crawl as far as possible toward hill on opposite end of field.  When gassed, rise and do 20 squats, then continue bear crawl, repeating as necessary until reaching bottom of hill.  Bear crawl to top of hill then do 10 burpees.  Run down hill and plank at the bottom.

Time for good old Jacobs Ladder — 7 burpees at top, 1 monkey humper at bottom.

Handoff to Decibel

Mosey to path at past statues at bottom of hill leading to soccer field…yes, more hills.

Run to top of hill, do 5 Three Merkin Burpees, run back to bottom, LBCs
(Repeat for total of 4 cycles changing ab moves at bottom each time and with last two series going all the way to gazebo)

Throw in some more abs and work at the bottom.

Mosey to playground for a partner series of runs around playground & exercises — Pull ups, dips, derkins, CDDs, LBCs (I think…YHC began to blackout at this point in the workout).

Circle up for some ab lab — some Boats & Canoes, Russian Hammers, & God knows what else (YHC gasping for air at this point).

Run home



It was great to be among the pax for a 60-minute boot camp…what was probably my first since end of September.  And, yes,  I felt every bit of it during the workout, afterward and on Sunday and Monday.  I put the Twitter call out for #Sally on Fri night, but Decibel claimed that #Sally is not #OG vintage.  So instead he pummeled the pax with hills and Three Merkin Burpees.  Never thought I would say I missed #Sally.

Great effort by all the pax to endure a tough workout.   I am quite certain my oxygen deprived brain that morning and #Respect level memory missed some portion of Decibel’s Weinke from three weeks ago.  Trust me, I felt like it was Fall 2012 all over again given my recent absence due to personal and business travels.

Hanging tough throughout were three inspirational pax — Little John (War Daddy at 68 yo), Zildjian, a relatively recent arrival who I met for the first time and Mile High, a long timer who I saw back in the gloom for first time after some time out on IR for a while.  Well done, brothers!

Shout out to Senator Tressell whose status on IR kept him from leading at The Fort this month.  He and his #OG leadership were sincerely missed.

Thanks Decibel for a great co-Q and for his continued energetic leadership among the pax some 5 years into this adventure.

Finally, thanks to Bonzai for the invite and for his leadership of The Fort AO.  You are keeping it strong, as it should always be!


TClap |

Diapers or Depends, Same Purpose

When I was putting my Wienke together I decided to put something together that would allow for a lot of mumble chatter.  A lot of my Q’s tend to have a lot of counting and wanted something that little thought was needed by everyone to allow for the conversations to flow, and flow they did.

Warm up – COP – Typical Exercises.  SSH, Imperial Walkers, Windmills. Merkins, Mountain Climbers

Tabata – 20 Sec on, 10 Sec Rest, alternating exercises, 2 min rest (slow mosey around parking lot)
Burpees – Mountain Climber Merkin
Ski Abs – Plank Jacks
Lunge jumps – Lunge Chop
Freddie Mercury – Box Cutters
Merkins-Wide-Diamond (rotated through the 3)
20s-High Knees 10s-Mountain Climbers  (No Rest)

Covered a lot of topics but with Cable Guy in attendance and expelling his “usual sounds” conversation quickly went to the use of Depends.  Main Frame added some details about his college years.  Oh what fun.  With Falcon Crest’s approaching birth of his first we all felt that we needed to get him up to speed those first couple months.  This all made for some great color commentary.

8 Boot Campers, 4 Ruckers

Family Ruck 11/18 3pm
Christmas Party 12/1
Baxter Turkey Trot 11/23
Joe Davis Run 1/6/18

Prayers Praises
Falcon Crest – Pending birth of first child
Everest – Pregnancy
Senator Tressell – IR
Wives and Families

Always an honor and appreciate the call.


TClap |

Build-a-burp Workshop

19 pax made it out to the golden corral for some bootcamp, ruck, and run.  Big showing from lake wylie thanks to Jedi.

A disclaimer was made and the bootcampers mosied around HT for cop.
Morracan Night Clubs x 20
Imperial Walkers x 19
Windmills x 13
Low slow squats x 16
Merkins x 11
LBCs x 15
Parker Peters x 15
(Reps are guestimates… no rhyme or reason to #s)
Bodybuilder burpees x 10 OYO (multiple demos requested, still no consensus on order of plank jack/merkin)
The thang
Mosied over to the fountain for some deconstructed bodybuilder burpees in pairs.
1st pax bear crawled to cone, ran to the hill to circle, and then crab walked back to the start from cone.
2nd pax did x16 of the following followed by LBCs until relieved by 1st pax:
Leg thrusts
Plank Jacks
Leg thrusts
Bodybuilder burpees
(mumblechattter included complaints of lack of visible cones)
Finished just in time and booked it over to HT for COT with a push from Davinci.
Christmas party
Probably missing something…. read your newsletter
Prayers and praises
Sick, injured, and traveling family.
Thanks Decibel for the opportunity
TClap |

Children’s Attention Home / Guidance New F3 Exercise Station – Thank You

All Area PAX:

On Saturday Sept 30 a small group of F3 PAX set out that morning, a short time after the Convergence celebrating The Fort’s 5th Anniversary, to permanently change the landscape at the Children’s Attention Home / Guidance. The fruition of all the burpees and subsequent pledges from the 2017 CAH Burpee Challenge spearheaded by Chicken Wing would culminate in the installation of some permanent outdoor exercise equipment that day. This small group of men would be representing many from F3 Nation’s local regions – The Fort, Rock Hill, York, and Indian Land, among others – who participated in the challenge. Those who participated believed that there was a meaning, a purpose, a goal that is greater than themselves. The exercise equipment will be a permanent physical example to those at CAH Guidance, and others as well, of what F3 is all about. Not only of the importance of the 1st F, but power behind the 2nd and 3rd F’s as well – when you invigorate the leader within, and you have Faith, the possibilities are limitless.

After several hours of hard work, with help from the young leader residents at CAH Guidance, as well as a lot of GREAT 2nd F, the work was finally complete! It was not easy work at all, but by now we all know to choose to do the harder thing and get after it, which the team did with no complaints. We all pushed, pulled, and motivated each other to completion, a true Shield Lock effort. By no means was it a ‘professional’ installation, but the heart put into the work cannot be denied. It was obviously a labor of Love.

The equipment is quite rugged, well designed, well built, and installed in a manner to where it will last quite some time. T-Claps to Chicken Wing on the design, Iron Horse for his incredibly well done job fabricating the bars, and to all of those who participated in the installation efforts led by Chicken Wing and Iron Horse. It was a GREAT team effort.

Before we even left, it was making an impact:
* Richard, who is the Supervisor of Grounds / Equipment Maintenance there at CAH, was nearly in tears and overwhelming in thanks at the effort put forth and how the equipment will help the kids there
* Many of the staff where quite speechless and thankful when they came out to see the finished work
* The youth were already hanging all over the equipment (who needs the concrete to set??), laughing and having a good time

And the impact will be a lasting one. Attached is a letter sent by the Volunteer Programs Coordinator at CAH, Sharada Abraham:

“”Good Morning Gentlemen,

I hope you all are well! I wanted to thank you all for the phenomenal job that was done on last weekend with the installation of the Pull Up & Dip Station. It looks great (pics are attached) and everyone is asking about it from the children, staff, and even our volunteers. I had the pleasure of giving a tour yesterday to one of our community partners and they were in awe.
Thank you all so much for your continued support of the Home. The pull up and dip station is a great addition to our Campus and I do believe our teens will spend more time getting FIT!
Thanks for all you do and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Sharada Abraham
Volunteer Programs Coordinator


On behalf of F3 Nation and CAH, I am incredibly thankful for the efforts put forth by the area PAX to get this done. From the inception of the Burpeee Challenge fundraiser by Chicken Wing, to the PAX participating in the challenge (I still do not like burpees, but I’m better at them now), to the PAX designing, fabricating the equipment, procuring the materials, facilitating the approvals, leading the installation efforts, and finally participating in the installation. It was quite a project, and a good example of what happens when you step outside your comfort zone to lead and make things happen.

Keep up the great efforts F3 Nation! Remember that within each one of you there is a true leader waiting to be unleashed if it has not been already. Believe in yourself,  be the change you want to see in the world, and get out there and make a positive difference in the world. Be the vessel through which He works.

You are all HIMs, and I am honored and privileged to be part of this wonderful thing we all call F3.

Thank you and God Bless

TClap |