The Tomahawk – Limited Mumble Chatter

I hold myself accountable for the limited mumble chatter this morning!   As the leader of the workout I set the tone of getting straight to work and holding ourselves accountable to whatever reason we have for being at the first F of F3.  Let’s make the best of it!  Thank you all who came out!

The Tomahawk – Accountability (OYO)

Mosey around parking lot, 20 SSHs, 10 Windmills,  20 MNCs, 10 Merkins, Downward Dog, Honeymooner

Mosey to KBs

The Thang

20 KB Around the World

20 KB Figure 8s

20 KB Swings

KB Dora I

100 KB Lawn Mowers

100 KB Big Boy Sits ups

100 KB Squats

Partner runs to end of parking lot and back w/KB


20 KB Figure 8s

20 Swings

Mosey to fountain – 50 dips OYO, 20 Derkins OYO

Mosey bask to KBs

KB Dora II

100 KB Shoulder Press

100 KB America Hammers

100 KB Lunges

Partner runs to end of parking lot and back w/KB


20 KB Figure 8s

20 Swings


50 KB Upright Rows

50 KB Flutters

50 KB Calf Raises

Partner runs to end of parking lot and back w/KB


Prayers for Uncle Sam as he travels back to Columbia – prayers for all 2.0s as they transition through different phases of school and life.  Praises for healthy recoveries and employment.

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Just a perfect Old School Saturday @F3TheFort

6 for the preruck

2 for the prerun

conditions perfect overcast and 46 degrees


Longshanks on warm-up and he ran us to Double D Hill and we started working hard, more running around WEP with timely stops for a variety of PT, mosey to Springs Building for a peoples chair sequence followed by a mosey to Little Ceaser Park

Handoff to CSPAN

partner up with a man you don’t know

station workouts:

  1. 10 Burpees
  2. 45 Mountain Climbers
  3. 40 Squats
  4. 30 Tri-cep dips
  5. 55 LBC
  6. 20 Peter Parker and 20 Parker Peters
  7. 30 Flutters and 30 Hello Dolly
  8. 20 KB Curls and Hairburners
  9. Bear & Crab
  10. 25 Seal Jacks and 25 SSH
  11. 25 Imperial Walkers and 25 Hillbilly Walkers
  12. Tug-a-war and 10 Burpees

Finished up with a tug-a-war tournament

Mosey to COT

Prayer or Praise / BOM

Excellent Coffeerteria at Peach Stand




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Rain, pain and gain at the Fort

At 5 minutes to 6am with no PAX in sight, CableGuy and Bolt wondered if it was going to be a dual beatdown. With seconds to spare, 4 more PAX arrived in the high moisture content morning.

We welcomed back Comeback posting for only his second post, first last fall EH’d by VuVu. Disclaimer was given and we moseyed around the WEP trail.

Taken by CableGuy to the upper parking lot for warmups.  As per his style, cadence proceeded at a pace about 50% faster than most Q’s. We kept up the best we could with SSH’s, ParkerPeters, PeterParker’s, mountain climbers, merkins, squats, seal jacks, …

*** Q’s, always take note of who’s in attendance and that a demonstration/reminder of an exercise may be necessary. ***

Staying in the same lot, we were treated to a beatdown ladder of burpees countdown starting with 10 at one end (to 1), cross lot sprint, and the other end 10 squats each time.

Marylou nicely informed us  it was a total of 55 burpees.

The blood was pumping and the arms were hurting as the rain started to trickle about halfway through.

Before Bolt took the PAX to the field for 5 pain stations, he gave the PAX a few words about our responsibility as men to watch out for and protect the women and girls in our lives. We have been going through a steady stream of news on sexual abuse, assault and domestic abuse.

An easy walk down the hill to catch our breaths before the 5 pain stations which each had their own ‘lanes’ of varying length. 5 starting cones had workout instructions on them and a corresponding turn-around point cone.   A little improvisation with only 6 PAX (expecting 10 or more), we lined up at the cones. Top instruction for one PAX, bottom for other PAX staying at cone.

cone1: top instruction: Run up hill carrying 40# to cone and back/bottom for PAX staying: squats

cone 2: top: Broad jump to corresponding cone and back;  bottom: calf raises

cone3: Sprint to cone and back/ American Hammers w/ 20# or 30#

cone4: BearCrawl to cone and back/ bomb jacks using 2-10# bags

cone5: Lunges carrying 2 sand bags to cone and back/ merkins

We did a final run through of the stations as a group.

Back to COT lot for a few minutes of Mary.

A good push by all PAX.

*** Q’s: Remember to never leave the 6 behind. Remember that we are all at different fitness levels. Be encouraging and positive and supportive.

Bolt finished with his thoughts about it being our responsibility to look out for all the women in our lives: our wives, our daughters, our nieces, our friends, our neighbors. We are seeing bad men do bad things and a lot of men who downplay the problems or don’t speak out against the perpetrators. It is our responsibility to not only protect, but to speak out against the behavior when it occurs. Talk with your women, but especially your daughters. Let them know what good behavior of men should be.

Yeti in 2 weeks.   Reminder about our community involvement in Paradise with our workouts and mentoring/reading sessions.   P200 coming.   Prayers for PAX with sick children and relatives with health issues.

Thanks to Uncle Sam for volunteering to tutor in Paradise

2 for post workout breakfast at The Peach Stand.

*** Final Q tip: After using cones and/or coupons on a rainy day, be sure to not stack cones and leave in car for a few days and dry coupons asap. Stinky!


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Milkshakes at Tomahawk

I love a good Twitter Storm… a little chatter and we had a pretty strong showing for a Monday. Milder weather probably didn’t hurt anything either… Let’s get to it:

Warm up lap around the outer loop of the parking lot

Circle up in middle of lot:
10 x windmill
10 x merkins
10 x squats
15 x SSH
10 x Moroccan Nightclubs

Grab your bell and go around school to small back parking lot.

AMRAP is the name of the game today… As Many Reps As POSSIBLE… You define possible for yourself, but I 100% promise you are capable of more than your mind thinks you are.

Very simple… 40lb. Sandbag is hoisted on to a Pax shoulders, and he runs about 150 yards down and back. This man is the timer. Do the exercise on the cone until the sandbag runner gets back, then rotate to the next cone.

Goblet Squats
KB Front Hold
Flutters with press
Clean and press (L then R)
KB Swings
Around the World (or Slingshot)

If you want to know what’s in a man’s head, watch his actions for a bit… We will eventually always betray what is inside us. I had hard work on the mind over the last few days, so I attempted to bring it to the Pax. After a couple rounds, though, I think I had quitting on my mind… I gave some inspiring blah, blah, blah at the start about working hard and how we were going to do as many reps as POSSIBLE, and how we should push and so on and so on… I ran fast when it was my turn… I lifted the heavy things… but I didn’t do it with the intensity and purpose that I knew I should/could have… I keep saying, “The hard work of this world will not be done by weak men.” I know it’s true, but I think I’m not even close to strong enough yet. Fortunately, I don’t have to be yet.

Helmet, out.


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I really wish we could do more Side Straddle Hops

Nice cool morning at WEP for 8 PAX to get after it and get better. Cornhole leads us off with the disclaimer and off we go.

The Thang

Cornholes Section:

Dynamic Warm up around path High Knees, Butt Kickers, Toy Soldiers, Side Shuffles

COP – Windmill, IW, SSH, MT climbers, 12 Ct Merkins, Moroccan Nightclubs

Hill – Accumulator
Run up SSH-28 run down, Jump Lunges-10,
Plank Punches-28,
Bomb Jacks-10,
Squats-28, Merkins-10.

Hand of to Longshanks

Mosey to the Playground for a Dirty McDeuce (all IC except for Pullups)
12 Squats, 12 LBC’s, 12 Merkins, Run a lap around the playground
12 Sumo Sqwuats, 12 Rosalitas, 12 Wide arm Merkins, run a lap around the playground
12 Narrow Squats, 12 Flutters, 12 Diamond Merkins, run a lap around the playground
12 Monkey Humpers, 12 Dying Cockroach, 12 Pullups, run a lap.

Mosey to the Springs Building courtyard
10 Dips (IC), 10 Step ups each side OYO, 5 Derkins OYO
15 Dips (IC), 15 Step ups each side OYO, 10 Incline Merkins OYO

Mosey back to the WEP Parking Lot.
Stairway to Heaven
Run to first lightpole, 10 Burpees
Run to second lightpole, 9 Burpees
run to third lightpole, 8 burpees
run to fourth lightpole, 7 burpees
run to fifth lightpole, 6 burpees
run to the last lightpole, 5 burpees,
run back down stopping at lightpoles for 4 Burpees, 3 burpees, 2 burpees, and 1 burpee

Finish with COT and BOM

Announcements – Fastest 5k next Saturday, read your newsletter

Cornhole took us out in prayer

1. Weather is starting to get a little cooler so just remember the saying – there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Hats gloves, tights are all acceptable as it starts to get cooler.
2. YHC knows he talks a bunch of crap on twitter especially before a Saturday workout. its all in good fun. Get up, get going to a workout of your choice, and #getbetter
3. Thanks Bonsai for the opportunity to lead and to Cornhole for letting me share the Q.
4. Mary Lou is scary fast at Stairway to Heaven. I think he was done before the rest of us were halfway.
5. Mad props to Little John for being 68 and still kicking donkeys. Always good to have you out.

Shanks Out!!

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The real gloom at WEP

What a great Saturday morning. I got out to the AO a little early cause I hadn’t been out to WEP in a very long time. The air was thick with fog, it was dark, it was downright scary  – the perfect type type of gloom that we love to work with.

Men  start showing up about eight minutes before launch, by the time we were ready to go we had a total of 19 PAX ready to get after it . Nomad  brought 3 FNG’s from his youth group and they were excited to figure out what was in store for them this morning.  I bet they felt differently after words.

Maximus were starting us off today so he gave the long disclaimer for new friends and off we went .

It was a nice quick jog and then circle up to do several exercises that I can’t recall individually – but Maximus pushed us to get nice and warmed up.

the Thang

Partner up

partner 1 pull ups AMRAP while partner 2 runs around the playground  perimeter.

Repeat three times

After that we will circle up in the playground dirt and did several of the exercises which included toe touches, LBCs, flutter kicks and chopsticks. Maybe an elbow plank in there as well.

Maximus then turned it over to Royale

Mosey into the grass circled up and picked new partners

Lazy Dora

No running, consists  of the following exercises that are rotated between the two partners until you get to the combined number .

100 merkins

10 each while other partner planks

200 Squats

25 each while other partner holds low squat

300  American hammers single count

30 each  while partner holds 6 inches

This evolution was terrible so I gave the guys a break after it was done and read from Discipline Equals Freedom, a section called “application of discipline ”  from Jocko Willink’s most recent book. I shared his video about the book above.  It’s one of my favorite short motivational videos on YouTube!

The next evolution involved a nice little hill for 11’s

Run up the top the hill- do 10 bomb jacks – run back down – one plank jack until you reverse the cycle down to one Bomb Jack and 10 plank jacks.

Next we moseyed halfway around the park on the running track until we came close to the front road and entrance to the park.

We formed two lines and partnered up with the person right across from you in line- sat down and did two minutes each of big boy sit ups many as you can.

finally spent the last two minutes doing as many as you can burpees – real crowd pleaser

COT with FNG naming, Gomer, Ghost Rider and Chop Block.

Announcements prayers and praises

It was an honor to lead,

Royale & Maximus

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Choose Discipline and BRR

It was a steamy morning at WEP, but that didn’t discourage Last Call during his VQ nor did it scare off any pax from supporting him.   A lively and energetic group of 23 pax posted to honor and encourage him.

Santini had EH’d FNG/Wazowski (aka Ernie Bhend) so a full fledged disclaimer was pronounced and the baton was handed to Last Call to launch.

The Thang

Last Call took the pax on a warm up lap of WEP, then circled the pax up in the grass near the parking lot (YES, the grass!  What a bold move for a VQ!)


SSH x25

Moroccan night clubs x20

Mash up of Hillbilly Walker + Imperial Walker x20

Merkins x10

Peter Parkers x20

Slow squat x20

LBCs x20

Hand off to DD

Mosey to playground & partner up
Partner 1: Run lap
Partner 2: Continuous pull ups (keeping cumulative count with partner)
Flap jack
Rinse & repeat
Tip of the cap to Senator Tressel for his emphasis on need for more pull ups

Plank sequence including Makhtar N’Dyae ( requeted by Santini)

Mosey to the grassy area near the statues at the bottom of the hill & plank it up for commentary about Blue Ridge Relay.  (Yes, it is a shame that The Fort has no teams competing this year in BRR.  Thus, the next 30 mins of the workout became BRR-lite)

Run to top of hill almost to gazebo + 5 Burpees + run back down
Rinse + repeat for 5 total rounds

Mosey to pathway heading out the back of the parking lot & regroup with partner
Partner 1: Run down hill, up other side to trail intersection and back
Partner 2: Continuous merkins (continuing cumulative count with partner from earlier point)
Flap jack
Rinse + repeat

Plank sequence, squats, bombjacks

Mosey to bottom of hill at COT & regroup with partner
Partner 1: Run up hill to 4th light post and run back down
Partner 2: Continuous donkey kicks (keeping cumulative count with partner from earlier point)
Flap jack
Rinse & repeat

Mosey back to grass where Last Call started and circle up

Flutter x10

Hello dolly x10

Freddy Mercury x10

Rosalita x10

Penguin x10

Superman x3

Run to tent in middle of park

Run home AYG


Naked man moleskin

Solid VQ effort by Last Call today — well done, brother!  Welcome to the club and find a way back into the center of the circle somewhere ASAP so you can hone the skills and expand the experience.

Welcome to FNG/Wazowski (yes, he’s an eye doc)!  You had the privilege (and pain) of enduring a tough workout on a particularly swampy morning — great job making it through to the finish today!  A little merlot splash proves just how far you can push when challenged by other like-minded men.  You’ve found a home here in The Fort for sure.  Look forward to seeing you back in the gloom soon!

T-claps to all the pax for the support of Last Call and Wazowski today.  Special recognition to Santini for EH of Wazowski and Sir Topham Hat for EH of Last Call two months ago.  Also kudos to Peabody, Longshanks and others sweeping the six.

Welcome back home to Ginsu!  Great to have you back in the gloom with your brothers.  Look forward to hearing more about the China experience and your expanded family.

Did I mention the weather was warm and humid today?

That was a tough outing today – great work by everyone pushing through!

In the absence of any BRR activities in The Fort this year, I felt compelled to bring that experience home.  It is an incredible event, and I am disappointed we won’t have any teams to represent The Fort this year.  I know Rooney is running with Dredd & OBT on a 6-man team — way to represent us, brother!  The hills and the pain and the sweat today were all reflective of the reality of what it is to run the BRR – but only the smallest taste of the joy of that event was gained today.  Please consider BRR in 2018 – you won’t regret it.

The message throughout today’s workout revolved around the monthly theme of Discipline.  When I saw Chicken Hawk’s message at the start of the month, I was immediately disturbed.  The word brings about uncomfortable feelings for me related to punishment, reprimands and admonishment from parents, teachers and bosses.  Discipline is something I experience as being imposed on me by someone else, which I never receive well.  I quietly thought maybe I would check out on the theme for August.

Then, on a business trip this week I made some poor choices around web surfing in the lonely isolation of a hotel room.  My re-entry back home included a volatile interaction with the M around my indulgence in a personal vice.  BOOM!  Discipline (or my lack of it) suddenly hit me between the eyes.  It became very real very quickly…clearly this is the right theme for me this month.

I have much to learn still around Discipline.  Santini mentioned during the workout and in a long conversation afterward that the root of the word Discipline relates to “learning.”  The learning I’ve gained in the past few days has come through dwelling on my word for 2017 — CHOOSE —  in the context of Discipline.  In this frame of mind, I am beginning to see Discipline as part of my pathway from where I am currently to the future I CHOOSE to pursue.  In this way, Discipline becomes part of the learning process of how I move toward the fuller, holier life I long for…because I CHOOSE to seek that future point, NOT because someone else is imposing anything on me.

Thanks to Bonsai for putting me on the calendar and for looping in Last Call for the VQ.  We missed you today.

Thanks to all who posted and endured today’s workout.  Your presence, effort, resilience, encouragement and support inspire me!




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